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Last month was my birthday and one of my presents was a Fitbit Flex to track my daily activity and sleep patterns. This little tool has been really insightful. 458 more words


To BLE or not to BLE?

Security, Data protection, Privacy, Advertising Standards Authority and iBeacons


For all intents and purposes, iBeacon technology was developed with traceability in mind (ie the ability to track and trace a device), and similar to the way in which text messages inadvertently evolved into a form of monetised communication, beacon technology by default, has the ability to trigger functions on a handset within a specified range, which if abused could be detrimental to the consumer. 944 more words


Well Hello!

It has been a fair while – but I am still around.

I look at my blog page, I plan what I will write, I often begin but don’t have time to finish – and then life moves on and the post is not current or interesting anymore. 508 more words

Daily Ramble

Placing Popcorn Kernel on your Resume

At a recent Scouting event I spoke with a person currently unemployed. She was rejoining the workforce after an extended time performing the difficult job of homemaker. 608 more words


Finding the Bad Old Days

Michael Petrilli wrote an extremely aggravating article suggesting we tell unqualified kids they aren’t ready for college and go to CTE and then a much improved… 2,999 more words


Food/Budget Journal - 4/22

Today came in at 1289 calories with a $7.15 spend.

The spend is due to a lovely salmon dinner, and I will swallow the $5 cost to enjoy some home cooked salmon! 126 more words


Time Tracking Features For Complying With Meal and Break Laws

Earlier, we covered three considerations to keep in mind to avoid costly meal and break pitfalls. Now we want like to shift our focus on recommendations of features to look for in a time-tracking systems to  help employers avoid these pitfalls. 23 more words