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FITbody: Tracy Anderson on GOOP

I know, I know….Gwyneth Paltrow is everyone’s favorite person to hate right now. But, the fact of the matter is, her lifestyle blog, GOOP offers readers some wonderful recipes and links to some great exercise resources for FREE! 152 more words


It's Bad

Things have gotten a little out of hand over here. I’ve been bad. Eating poorly…too much…too often. I have to go back to the Before and Afters I’m afraid. 203 more words


Body Type Exercise Myths & Tricks

I’ll admit I am one of those people who gets excited about new ideas in exercise and nutrition. I can’t help but think maybe there’s something I’m missing… 627 more words


'Starving' To Be Skinny? Taylor Swift's Shrinking Frame Under Fire – Top Docs Weigh In

Is Taylor Swift in trouble? As the starlet continues to flaunt her twig-like legs on trips to and from the gym, her skinny frame is drawing concerned responses from fans. 381 more words

Calesthenics - Better than no exercise & actually sort of efficient

The Jillian Michaels is less repetitive and she’s more about constantly targeting the heart rate. The Tracy Anderson is more boring but it feels like she hits the desired areas harder. 130 more words


Level 2 complete....

Well as you can all see from the photo my weight this time is up a little… However I feel fine about that because I expected more for one and I am also expecting my TOM tomorrow (sorry if that’s too much info lol) which means in a few days I will drop between 3-5 pound depending on my diet. 258 more words

How Real Women Are Responding to the Crop Trop Trend

Whether boxy and ladylike, tied at the waist, or sexy and midriff-baring, there’s no getting around it: Fashion right now is all about the crop top. 941 more words