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2 Weeks In & 10 Pounds Down with Tracy Anderson

In 2 weeks of Tracy Anderson Metamorphosis exercise and diet, I have lost 9.6 pounds! According to my weight scale’s body fat estimate, about 5 of those pounds have been fat loss (the remainder likely water weight, bloat I’m just as happy to lose). 246 more words


Tracy Anderson Pregnancy Project DVD Review

So here I am at the end of my pregnancy journey and I am so excited to meet my daughter sometime in the next week or so! 385 more words


Tracy Anderson Method Day 11

Today marks the last of 10 days on the first level of Tracy Anderson’s Metamorphosis muscular structure workout. I pushed myself to do all the reps without pausing! 236 more words


Tracy Anderson Method Day 8

In 7 days following Tracy Anderson’s Metamorphosis exercise plan and her book’s meal plan, I’ve gone from 168.6 pounds and 34% body fat to 161.6 pounds and 33% body fat! 394 more words

Weight Loss

Tracy Anderson Method Days 2-6

In 5 days on the Tracy Anderson Method, my weight has dropped from 168.6 to 162.8 pounds and the scale says my body fat percentage has gone down with it!  442 more words


Tracy Anderson Method Day 1

I’m so excited for the Tracy Anderson Method, I just can’t hide it. So I’m sharing. A lot. I’m doing the meal plan from Tracey’s 30-day bootcamp book with the cardio and toning from her hip-centric metamorphosis set. 743 more words