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Bumper crop

Such a pleasure to watch the bumper crop of young birds this year.

Abundant nature.

These young know natural resources are unconfined, there for their pleasure, use only what they need  (they know ‘enough’), spoil/deface nothing & leave the rest for others to enjoy.


I’ve been efficient for many years.
I’ve taught Black Belts efficacy.

In fact, sitting in a building using wifi some years ago: I found my programs accessing the internet failing. 45 more words


If we remember there are good people on both sides of the Ferguson issue,

we might not have to do this kind of scenario again. We’re better than that.


Master class: silence and prints

As mist ghosts vanished in daylight, I attended master class with a great blue heron teacher. Standing about 40ft apart, each faced the expanse of water in blissful quiet sweetly broken only by an occasional high bird call. 158 more words


A leader I worked laterally with some years ago touched base: and while catching me up,
made this telling comment:

“It was somehow easier when you were there. 112 more words