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An old saying of mine:

If you cannot hear my ‘no’, you will not hear my ‘yes’.

Learning: root and action ... critical thinking

Coached a couple young soon-to-be-teachers on this today:
No matter what the discipline:

Find the root of the word you are wrestling with … figure out what that root means. 52 more words

Pull up

Selfishness and lazy are unnatural effects stemming from social scarcity.

Self care and timely, intermittent relaxation are natural and life affirming.


P.S. I find most selfish folks are in a social scarcity spiral. 63 more words

Muggers down

Teaching errant folks not to be interaction muggers.

Projection * (taking what they feel/want inside) combined with social scarcity ** fuels interaction mugging in the desperate. 29 more words


Hoping change simply “goes away” is a child’s position.
(Gear monkeys * often create their own suffering with that position.)

We can’t “return to” another time, nor suspend forever in the time we’re in. 44 more words


I’m designing my home. It will be remarkable.

(No desire to design anyone else’s home.)


As a donation to my greater community, I often extract metal from rivers and streams.

Metal and its oxidates (as it rusts and disintegrates) are highly toxic to animals and plants. 180 more words