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There’s a difference between nosiness and wanting to understand.

Children naturally want to understand.

Adults may want to understand or they may be nosy solely for their own “benefit” (insecurity, power grab, personal positioning). 20 more words

A perfect exit

I was at a protected waterway near dusk, observing multiple kinds of wildlife.

A pair of Canada geese were browsing nearby.

A car came up behind mine, shining bright lights directly on the geese, turned up its beams and began honking repeatedly, madly: clearly trying to drive the two away. 157 more words

More about self trust

Someone I mentor said “I trust myself. I just don’t trust anyone else.”

I know enough about him to simply look at him and say: routinely suspecting the worst from others simply because they’re not just like you or unlike your preferred version of them stems from lack of self trust. 95 more words


Friendship is by its nature mutual win.

Not mutual need. Not mutual use. Not mutual benefit.

Filial question

Addressing question “what is ‘filial impulse’?”

Question can be answered in more than one way: needs specific context. Use it in a sentence: clarify.


There seems to be quite a few escape artists these days.
Escaping self rage, drama, self ignorance, misguided perceptions.

All the calm, relaxation, fun, peacefulness you seek outside you is inside you. 25 more words

Strength training

A strong act for any individual is to capture another’s meaning and context.

Capturing one’s own meaning and context requires zip. Any newborn does that with ease. 28 more words