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Halloween Chaos Countdown: Murderous Women of History

6 days until Halloween!

Although there aren’t as many female serial killers as there are male, there’s still quite an extensive list of killer women. Typically, female killers murder lovers, kids, or work as nurses and off their patientsĀ in some twisted “angel of mercy” syndrome. 1,786 more words

Tracy Vanity

Halloween Chaos Countdown: The 13 Best Horror Porn Parodies (NSFW)

Watching horror movies is a staple all year for most of us and triples on Halloween. With all this extra horror film viewing comes the lists! 1,296 more words


Halloween Chaos Countdown: Head Transplants

InĀ 1970, a doctor by the name of Robert J. White transplanted the heads of two rhesus monkeys. The procedure was a “success” since the animals were alive and responded to stimuli. 392 more words

Tracy Vanity

Halloween Chaos Countdown: McKamey Manor Will Fuck With Your Psyche!

Lots of people have been sending me links to this promo video for the most extreme haunted house ever created. I’m glad that fucked up Halloween shit reminds you of me. 648 more words