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Halloween Chaos Countdown: Head Transplants

In 1970, a doctor by the name of Robert J. White transplanted the heads of two rhesus monkeys. The procedure was a “success” since the animals were alive and responded to stimuli. 392 more words

Tracy Vanity

Halloween Chaos Countdown: McKamey Manor Will Fuck With Your Psyche!

Lots of people have been sending me links to this promo video for the most extreme haunted house ever created. I’m glad that fucked up Halloween shit reminds you of me. 648 more words


Halloween Chaos Countdown: A Message from ZBags

Colin Raff, aka ZBags, is a talented, surreal artist who makes the most trippy gifs you will ever see in your life. 321 more words

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Halloween Chaos Countdown: Elvira's 2 Big Pumpkins

The Queen of Halloween just premiered a new music video for her purple vinyl 7″ single. “2 Big Pumpkins” is out today from Third Man Records… 91 more words

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Halloween Chaos Countdown: Your Guide to Medieval Torture

The Dark Ages were full of amazing things like kings and queens, the plague, and some of the most inventive methods of torture that  1,291 more words

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