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Den Tandt: Justin Trudeau's lack of platform is ever more glaring

For months Justin Trudeau has had his mitts in the air, deflecting right and left hooks from seasoned combatants who would love to connect solidly with his jaw, just once. 859 more words


(What's Left of) Our Economy: Is Walmart Really Changing its Offshoring Spots?

Walmart is such a huge player in the U.S. economy that any evidence of the retail giant markedly shifting its sourcing strategy toward buying American-made goods could be significant positive for domestic manufacturing. 564 more words

{What's Left Of) Our Economy

(What's Left of) Our Economy: A Competitiveness Study That Does Half its Job

A just-released Harvard Business School study of American competitiveness makes for a classic good-news-bad-news story.

The good news – and it’s genuinely good: The Harvard authors emphasize that real national competitiveness means an economy that is boosting not only business’ fortunes, but workers’ living standards. 555 more words

{What's Left Of) Our Economy

Harper versus Mulroney round two as PM defends foreign policy against barbs from former PC leader

OTTAWA — What had been a renewed political friendship between Stephen Harper and Brian Mulroney could be back on the rocks.

The prime minister found himself offering up a defence Friday in the face of an onslaught of criticism from Mulroney over foreign affairs policy, Canada’s relationship with the U.S. 470 more words


Kenny: Consumers suffer under Canada's dairy system

The federal government continues to force Canadian families to squander in excess of $275 per family per year to protect the lucrative Canadian dairy and poultry industries.  653 more words


High Noon for the Trans-Pacific Trade Pact

The next six months are critical for the Trans-Pacific Partnership.

By Claude Barfield | American Enterprise Institute

Heading into the fifth year of intense negotiations (with twenty-odd formal sessions and countless informal side meetings), the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) agreement will almost certainly succeed — or fail — over the next six months. 1,047 more words

Global Trade

Manufactured Exports Lag Obama's Goal by Record Margin in June


Last week the Bureau of Economic Analysis announced that the U.S. trade deficit fell by $3.1 billion to $44.1 billion.  It was the second monthly decline in a row, but there’s little evidence of a long-term improving trend.   396 more words