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Just trying out something on this blog. I find it very uncomfortable to write about politics and my voice gets tangled up and my thoughts get very blocked. 445 more words

Belgian General Strike Brings Country to a Halt.


Socialist Party Leader Elio Di Rupo Backs Strikers.

Today the police in Belgium are observing a work-to-rule (grève du zèle).

The successful General Strike on Monday saw the country’s transport system grind to a halt, almost all public services closed, and workers in the private sector joined the protests.The unions also mobilised road Hauliers to bloc access to major cities. 552 more words

European Left

Today's News and Commentary — December 15

As Prof. Sachs recounts in more detail here, the NLRB on Friday issued a new final rule which allows the NLRB regional director responsible for elections to decide “which, if any, voter eligibility questions should be litigated before an election is held.” This marks a shift from prior practice under which voter eligibility questions had to be litigated prior to the election. 436 more words

On Labor

"Oppose Privatisation of Water and Publicly owned Bus Services" leaflet from the NBRU

An “Oppose Privatisation of Water and Publicly owned Bus Services” leaflet from the National Bus and Rail Union. They were on trains nationally on December 10th (the day of the big Water March)
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Irish Politics

The JobBridge Whitewash: Evaluating Incompetence

In 2013 the Department of Social Protection commissioned a report by Indecon International Economic Consultants to evaluate the effectiveness of the JobBridge internship programme. When evaluating labour activation measures, such as JobBridge, the three main issues of concern according to the… 590 more words

Unite Youth

Irish Water customer agreement has implications for water harvesting and water conservation by users

Richard Boyd Barrett TD, People Before Profit Alliance, reveals that Irish Water customer agreement has implications for water harvesting and water conservation by users. See Obligations of Customer, Section 1.9.7, Page 17 of the Irish Water Agreement. 66 more words

Current Campaigns

The bashing of the middle class continues

Eons ago, Americans went to work for a company, spent their entire work career with said company, and then was rewarded for that loyalty with a pension to live off when retired.  573 more words