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Using Trademarks and Copyrights in Movies

Donald Harwood is the founding member of Harwood Reiff, LLC, in New York City. Over the course of his career, he has practiced in various areas of law, ranging from real estate litigation to work in entertainment law for the 2008 film Frozen River. 213 more words


Kanata Athletic Club opens after trademark dispute

A fitness company that lost a trademark dispute earlier this month opened its new Kanata facility Friday, nearly a week later than originally planned.

The Athletic Club — which operates 11 other clubs in Ontario, including facilities in Orléans and the Ottawa Train Yards — was prohibited from using its trademark after the Federal Court ruled it was invalid following a successful challenge from the Ottawa Athletic Club (OAC). 287 more words

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Six-year limitation applies to extra-provincial trademark cases, Federal Court rules

The federal limitation period of six years applies to trademark infringement where the cause of action, including damages, arises otherwise than in a single Province, the Federal Court of Canada has ruled. 90 more words

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Chubby Checker, HP Reach Settlement Over Penis-Measuring App

It’s been more than a year since a dispute between singer Chubby Checker and Hewlitt-Packard over a penis-measuring app plunged this country into darkness, dividing households, pitting brother against brother, leaving deep scars from which we may never heal — but which will always stand as a reminder of an era we’d all like to forget. 171 more words

NJ Turnpike Authority Sues Florida Pizza Chain Over Lookalike Logo

We don’t know why any restaurant owners would want to associate their food with a stretch of ugly highway that cuts a massive concrete and asphalt path from one end of New Jersey to the other, but that’s what the operators of a small pizza chain in Florida did when crafting a logo that looks a lot like the one for the Garden State Parkway. 577 more words

What if CIPC requests a disclaimer (trademark) from you?

Trademark disclaimer is an announcement by the trademark holder that the owner does not have an exclusive right for the use of any portion of that mark. 117 more words

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Athletic Club loses trademark dispute with rival club

The Ottawa Athletic Club (OAC) has won a trademark dispute with the similarly named Athletic Club.

In a decision dated July 9, the Federal Court of Canada ruled the Athletic Club’s trademark “invalid” and permanently prohibited the club from using it. 433 more words

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