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What's Your Trademark?

“Dude, I am going to go full-on beast mode on this burrito!”

“Heading to the gym, babe. Gonna beast-mode it up.”

“Did you see what that guy was wearing?! 524 more words

My Two Cents

Do I Need to Dress Up My Fashion Line in a “Trade Dress?”

What is a trade dress?  Is this a new fashion trend that Miley Cyrus or Rihanna started?

Not exactly.  Trade dress law is a subset of trademark law that originally included only the packaging or “dressing” of a product, but in recent years has been expanded to encompass the design of a product.  467 more words


Don't Hate, Emulate Kim Kardashian

Why won’t she go away? That is the first thought that comes to my mind when I see another post, or picture of Kim Kardashian. Not only is she a mainstay on social media, she even popped up recently on the lips of my Professor during his academic lecture on Entrepreneurship.   233 more words

Entertainment News

Seven Up Company v OT Ltd | High Court of Australia | 19 August 1947

Seven Up Company v OT Ltd HCA 59; (1947) 75 CLR 203 (19 August 1947).


The Seven Up Company, the US owner of the US soft drink trademark “7 UP” brought a motion to remove the Australian owned name “8 Up” from the Australian register of trademarks. 633 more words


Under What Grounds Can A Mark Owner Require A Party Filing to Cancel a Mark to Post a Bond for Expenses?

Briko Burns You More LTD has a registered trademark for HN covering lighters in class 34.

Tranmirian Hamias M’yeri LTD filed a cancellation proceedings and Briko responded to a cancellation request from Tranmirian Hamias M’yeri LTD.  338 more words

Intellectual Property

Voyager, It's a Decision Jim, But Not as We Know It

Accel Telecom Ltd. filed Israel Trademark Application Number 251612 for Voyager”.

The mark was filed for the following goods: Fixed car phones and connected smart car phones; all included in class 9… 610 more words

Israel IP

AXXON Trademark Cancelled Despite Shoddy Research, But Serves Brimag Right

Brimag Digital Age LTD own Israel Trademark No. 154869 in Class 9. Taser International LTD filed a cancellation proceedings on 12 September 2013. The owners of the mark did not respond and so Taser was given an opportunity to substantiate their request. 574 more words

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