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Free M15 Prerelease Roundup!

You may recall from my post on Friday that my plans for this weekend included playing in a number of free Magic: the Gathering Online M15 core set prerelease events, gifted to users to apologize for any inconvenience after the recent client update. 894 more words

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Hearthstone Pack Opening Simulator!

Ever get the urge to crack a metric ton of booster packs on Hearthstone, but know that you’d immediately regret it once the gratifying rush of pack opening had subsided? 111 more words

Trading Card Games

Todd Anderson's Guide to Spending Less on Magic Events

Browsing the Star City Games archives earlier, I stumbled upon a gem of an article, written by none other than SCG Open Grinder and professional Magic: the Gathering player, Todd Anderson. 84 more words

Trading Card Games

Grand Prix Boston-Worcester and SCG Open Series Kansas Live Now on Twitch!

Playing Magic: the Gathering isn’t the only way to get better at Magic: the Gathering. Reading articles and consuming other forms of content can help you look at your game in new ways, and pave the way to improvement… 103 more words

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Free Booster Packs for Solforge

While most gamers will be at least vaguely aware of Blizzard’s recent free-to-play entry into the world of digital collectible card games, Hearthstone, another such game that has received considerably less fanfare is Stoneblade Entertainment’s Solforge ( 233 more words

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Free M15 Prerelease Events Go Live On Magic Online later!

As a way of saying thank you for enduring the switch-over between the outdated Version 3 of Magic Online and the slightly-less-outdated-but-even-more-unusable Version 4, all accounts that had been logged onto between the start of 2008 and last Wednesday’s downtime have been awarded 35 phantom points and five non-refundable M15 prerelease objects. 240 more words

Trading Card Games

To Her, the Fight is Everything: Selector Infected Wixoss

Selector Infected Wixoss (pronounced “Wicross, not “Weak Sauce”) is Highlander meets Yu-Gi-Oh! meets Puella Magi Madoka Magica. Girls are chosen to become special battlers in a card game, with the goal of becoming the… 777 more words