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Review: Android: Netrunner

Run Your ICE Off

I have played Magic: the Gathering for most of my life, so I’m excited to play any game created by one of my all-time idols, Richard Garfield, especially a game so different from Magic you would hardly believe it came from the mind of the same person. 954 more words


El Shaddoll Winda - Card Discussion (1)

El Shaddoll Winda

Level: 5  Attribute: Dark

1 “Shaddoll” monster + 1 DARK monster
Must first be Fusion Summoned. Cannot be destroyed by an opponent’s card effects. 133 more words

Trading Card Games

Cutting Heads

Hey guys and welcome back for another edition of – oh, sorry Evan. Almost borrowed your tagline. Anyway, yes it’s been a slow process over here at Rogue Magic as of late. 1,064 more words

Magic The Gathering

My First Experience w/ the Pokémon TCG

Do you remember the first time you tried something that really changed your life? The emotion that it brought, the excitement from something new and exciting is, simply put, intoxicating. 1,319 more words

Big Benkonfusion

Duelist Alliance officially goes on sale today!  This means that a ton of new and surprisingly good cards are now available for tournament play, such as  1,003 more words


Let's Go, Buddy! Trading Card Games invade SMASH! 2014

Stand up, my Vanguard! Let’s go, Buddy! It’s time to duel! Pokemon, Go!

Those were the battle-cries heard at SMASH! 2014 in Sydney at the Rosehill Gardens during the weekend’s intense Trading Card Game tournaments which wowed attendees and captivated them with the intensity of play on show from these skilled TCG players. 328 more words


Magic: The Gathering vs. The Culture

I’ve recently started reading Iain M Banks’ Culture series of sci fi novels, mainly through interest in the premise. For those of you who’ve yet to encounter them, the novels are set in the world of The Culture, a spacefaring civilisation who dominate vast swathes of the galaxy and who were invented by Banks, essentially, as an experiment into his idea of an ‘ideal’ society (to a greater or lesser extent). 1,591 more words

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