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The Chainblade is a modified petrol powered chainsaw, which along with being crafted to work with Fuel cells has been updated for mechanized combat. The saw has been stabilized to the unit, and the teeth have been tested against various metals to ensure cutting proficiency. 15 more words

Arm Parts

Card Games: The Big Three Part Three

Welcome to the big finale of the big three! And it’s going to be big! So big! We have monster trucks! A musical number by Cher! 968 more words

Card Game Reviews

Tomo Plays: Hearthstone Ranked [P1]

Here’s a recording of a portion of my climb up the ladder in Hearhtstone ranked play. I actually manage to pull out a win, this time, so that’s good. 6 more words

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New Card Mechanics: Soul Charge

It’s not often that I write something about how a specific card works.  Heck, it’s not often that I update this blog, and I’m sorry for that.   789 more words

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Mana Leaked - Why Synergy is so Important (Part 2)

Last time on ROGUE MAGIC: we found our heroes navigating the wily waters of Deckbuilding. We find them on the precipice of a new frontier. A seemingly random assortment of cards. 1,667 more words

Magic The Gathering

Review: Magic: The Gathering

Written by our lovely contributor, Devin Kerr 

There’s always that first game you played made a huge impression on you. That sense of wow that runs through your veins, chilling your blood and warming your heart all at once. 1,401 more words