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Easy Method to Overcoming Overtrading and The Constant Focus on P/L

Hi Traders,

I thought I would share a good method of treating overtrading and that constant staring on you P/L.

I My self have issues with overtrading and taking profits to early simply because I focus on the profit and loss too much. 54 more words

How To Day Trade

How to Make $150 In a Few Seconds Trading

Hi Traders,

Yesterday I would say up till now I made one of the best trades so far. I have made more money on other trades than the one I will show in the clip below, but this trade is different, now I knew what I did and what the outcome would be. 146 more words

Day Trading

How to Find Stocks to Trade With Little Effort


I just wanted to share one of many methods to find good stocks to trade.

This method is good if you are in a bit of a hurry and you can’t devote too much time for research. 168 more words

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