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The Lost Art of Sewing

I will start this post with a disclaimer – I know there are many talented folks out there that do a beautiful job with the art of sewing.  475 more words


Dining with the Dons

The other night, us Magdalen law kids were invited to a High Table Dinner with the Fellows. At the risk of sounding like a polar explorer from the 1920s, bouncing a grandkid on his knee and reminiscing about Antarctic otherworldliness, … 547 more words

Happy Deepavali!

A Festival of Lights – well more of noise & smoke and diets going for a toss!

A enjoyed his Deepavali. I tried to get him to say no to crackers & failed miserably – it was mixed emotions felt wonderful to see the joy on his face and horrible at not being able to convince the kid to be pollution free. 160 more words


My 'Ganga Snanam' is done

Greeting each other with “Ganga Snanam Aachha?”  (Have had you bath in Ganga jal?) on Diwali morning is what I remember of my childhood Diwalis. I don’t recall the pre-Delhi ones at all, which probably reflects the low key festival it is in Kerala. 866 more words

Social Issue

All Saints' Day in Poland

In Poland we do not have a tradition of celebrating Halloween (and if we do it is just a fancy new holiday adapted from the West). 171 more words

Want to be Generous? Join a Generous Tradition and Community

In a recent Slate column, Brian Palmer, writing about Christian missionary doctors working in Africa, asks, “It’s great that these people are doing God’s work, but do they have to talk about Him so much?”  Palmer is an atheist and in the column he publicly wrestles with his distrust of religious motivations and admiration for those working among the poorest of the world’s citizens, often receiving little compensation for their efforts.  575 more words

Spiritual Formation