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I Diamond? Vogue's Anti-Diamond Engagement Ring Piece Clarified

Nietzche wrote “God is dead”, and now Vogue  has pronounced the diamond engagement ring dead in an equally shocking piece. While such an announcement is, to some, a painful stab at tradition, I caution the Pinterest-obsessed masses to pick up their pitchforks just yet. 228 more words



In a moment of inspiration I saw tradition in a different light, not as a set of rules with origins in the past and a credibility vouched for by others, but as a means of anchoring oneself during times of insecurity, uncertainty and change. 65 more words


Woh Dekho Chali Ek Larki

ツ Woh Dekho Chali Ek Larki

Henna se mehekte purnoor haath
Parandhe mein gundhe baal
Chooriyon se khan khanati kalaiyaan
Kajal se bhari aakhiyaan
Kaano mein lehrate jhumke… 84 more words

Random Thoughts

Traditional games vs video games

The games that were handed down from one generation to the next are much more structured and are based on developing various kinds of skills like – strategy, team building,concentration, doing mathematics, and many more. 195 more words

Can Smoking a Pipe Be Gentlemanly?

I ask this question mostly because I love smoking a tobacco pipe, and I miss it since giving it up out of love for my wife (and her kisses). 603 more words


~ Tradition Haiku ~

~ Tradition Haiku ~

Lightness of dance steps
Old lullabies softly sung
Newborn baby sighs


Creative Writing

07/30 All In A Day's Work

picking huckle,

chuckle, berries,

picking, swatting,

picking, huckle,


berries, bugs,

ugh, swatting,

purple, splat,

bugs, ugh,

huckle, chuckle,

berries, picking,

swatting,  picking,

swatting, splat,

huckle, chuckle,


Glacier National Park