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Yosegi wood craft -- amazing in its beautiful simplicity and precision!

There are several traditional crafts that Japan is known for, such as urushi lacquerware or Nishijin weaving. Perhaps not as widely known, but just as impressive, is the craft of… 618 more words


Week 2 with Rosanna

The second time we have met Rosanna was 9th of october. As it was the last meeting before Thanksgiving, Rosanna invited us to talk about that! 194 more words

Last Day of the Year 2012

I  want to publish again what we did on the last day of 2012! Our day started with a trip to Bondi Junction, where we met our daughter. 556 more words


Cathedral of St Michael and St George

When I came to Rhodes University this year, the only two things I have heard about Grahamstown is that there are a lot of water outages and there are about 55 churches in and around the small, artsy town. 162 more words


Symbolizing the Building Process

Usually when we think of “symbolism,” we are thinking of some concrete object that takes the place of and reminds us of something more abstract. Thus, the Cross is a symbol of Christianity, the red dragon is a symbol for Wales, and a wedge of yellow foam represents the fans of the Green Bay Packers (of which I am a proud member.) In art, however, symbols are not just about abstractions made concrete, but can even be idealizations of concrete objects. 626 more words


Norway's epic party


There’s a wild and crazy tradition for the high school students of Norway waiting for them at the end of their senior year, and it’s called Russefeiring. 732 more words