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Speaking out for Tradition

Richard Tucker Day August 28, 2014

Tomorrow, New York City celebrates and pays tribute to the great American tenor, Richard Tucker. Amidst all of the chaos surrounding opera in New York City in recent weeks, it is seemingly appropriate to publicize a true celebration of artistry and the genre as it ought to be considered. 311 more words

Screaming Out!

Please Bring Back The Traditional Handshake

So I walk into a party with a friend the other weekend, and I’m excited because it is allegedly going to be rife with people in New York City whom I do not know but who are, according to my friend, totally my kind of people. 533 more words

Tradition and Rituals. Good Stuff from the People who Have Done the Research.

The Power of Rituals in Life, Death, and Business

Experimental research by Michael I. Norton, Francesca Gino, and colleagues proves multiple benefits of ritualistic behavior. 1,420 more words


The Swedish Kräftskiva

Kräftskiva, or in English the Crayfish Party is a annual summer party in Sweden. They occur typically at some weekend in August, because that’s when the crayfish harvesting is legal in Sweden. 177 more words

Sweden / Schweden

Pentecost 81

Pentecost 81
My Psalm 81

Who are we? Why are we?

Walt Whitman once wrote: “We contain multitudes.” He was not referring to any dissociative mental disorder but rather, the varied parts of the whole that comprise one’s personality. 1,366 more words

My African short story....... Part 1

Nmandla woke up to the chiming of birds and the sweet smell of mothers sweet potatoes cooking. It was the hot season in Bukwere and she could only sleep in her birthday suit. 698 more words


Old New

Do you know the word kawatare? It can be written like 彼は誰, meaning the time dark enough to wonder who is there in older Japanese. 22 more words