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10 Things to know about Nigeria

When I was approached by Giffgaff the phone company to take part in their international campaign I absolutely loved the sound of it! I thought it’d be a great way to share some facts about my hometown Nigeria from my point of view. 588 more words


*StrugglesOfAnAfricanWoman #2*

Hiding my annoyance is an art I am yet to master. Happy days can seize to be happy within seconds, by seconds I am referring to the time it will take you to start and finish reading an ignorant comment. 652 more words


It's the Easter Beagle Thailand!

Reaching for Goal 2: To help promote a better understanding of Americans on the part of peoples served

It’s April 20, 2014, my first of two Easter’s as a volunteer. 323 more words


Watch the Cell phone!

Thai New Year: April 12-16

90F, 5:30pm, post work out. As usual, my 12 year old cousin has collected me from the track. She asks if I want to play in the water with the neighbor kids. 1,345 more words


Mišanca - edible wild greens

Reason 113: you can pick your own wild greens and cook a healthy, yummy meal

This particular reason for living on Brač would probably make my top ten on any given day. 147 more words


Don't Mess With Juju

In my many years of life, I have learned quite a few things. Important things like how to talk, how to walk, and other interesting concepts of the human body that I will use every day. 478 more words