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You must re-learn what has been learned.

This process of passing down to posterity is re-search.

Finding Your Perfect Fairy Tale

One day, reader, it’s likely that you’ll have lived a long, happy life and become all old and puckered. It’s also probable that, in your dotage, you’ll be desperate to feel that long lost childish lightness which only comes from the fierce wonder of fairy tales. 474 more words


Jisr Al-Qadi Potter

 A potter at Jisr Al-Qadi, taken on print film by my wife in 1992 with a Nikon F3 and. 50 mm F1.4. We were touring through the Chouf just after New Year’s. 35 more words


Birthdays and Other Common Phenomenon


 I guess to start I have to do the obvious, “HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!!!” — because I’m 21, and this is of utmost importance. What else would I do without that one day a year every person who has spoken to me will scribe a sentence-long greeting on an electronic wall, I’ll go to a bar, get hit on too many times because I’m the sloppy girl in a tiara and embarrassing sash, that will obviously be put into bed by a friend before midnight. 888 more words

Brain Drain