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Marriage Traditions

My fiancee has been lesbian for the larger part of her adult life. She never expected to get married. We are getting married in 10 days in a personal ceremony, with just the two of us, the minister, and photographer. 156 more words


One generation to another....

In his work on the Homeric hero, classical scholar Seth Bernadette noted heroes are tagged sometimes by their family connection, and at other times by their individual action. 1,014 more words


"A nice cup of tea"

I’m trying to post more during the week–mostly shares and little reflections–and maintain the longer Sunday posts I generally had. I think I finally have a routine I can can sustain which lets me. 454 more words


Istanbul: What to and not to

In between Europe and Asia, Istanbul is the only city where you can cross a bridge and pass from one continent to another. It is a place so full of perfumes, spices, smells, noises that you will have the feeling of them even when you leave the city. 234 more words


A Packers' Tradition "Twist"

If you watched the World Cup, you no doubt saw images of world-class players walking out in the pre-game processional with young children. Spectacular moments in the lives of those kids. 148 more words


"Et avec votre esprit": Catching up with the French Plan de la messe

When I came into the Catholic Church the Order of the Mass had just been updated with a few changes, mostly of the verbiage I believe. 509 more words

Catholic Church

Family Tradition

Family Tradition

ignored perpetrators
dancing with victims
of crimes hidden
by family tradition
rules of silence
yet powerfully enforced
while pretending
the bleeding hearts

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