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Here's a Picture of a bunny girl!

The reason I don’t do writing updates- like list my projects and or word count, is, aside from the fact that I’m not convinced people care, but also because what I’m working on changes! 37 more words

Che Gilson

How to find the emotion in your character

The following images are all mine and probably terrible but its the best reference I can give you for your own characters facial expressions.

facial Expression 1… 343 more words


Last figure painting

this was our last in class assignment for painting . We had three classes to paint the model. Mine is done in water based oil.

Childrens Art


I really need to update this place more. Anywho, here’s George. I had to re-draw him a number of times before I was
finally happy with the flowers. 12 more words

Batman: The dark knight returns Fan Art

Recently I got Batman: The Dark Knight Returns Part 2 on Blu Ray so I thought I would go back to the original graphic novel and draw a scene I think is one of the best panels within the graphic novel.

Secondary Projects

Into the Fire - The Sweat of Project Fahrenheit

Upon coming into the project late I found that I could not get my head around it and what our actual idea was. I wanted to work hard to make up for being late but not knowing the initial project criteria along with the chosen idea we were pursuing was very perplexing.

Traditional Art