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What are some ways a teenager can express him/herself?

The answer is art. Writing, cooking, watching, anything that would remotely be close to being considered art. My way of expressing myself is through the doodles of everyday school life and my attire. 221 more words


Wednesday Portrait for Wednesday

So, I figured I would try a portrait today. I just bought a really nice pad of Toned Gray Paper from Strathmore and I wanted to use it! 166 more words


Interpretation:  A statue who dreams of being alive. To feel this colourful world, to breath life. That dream is the only inspiration and only muse of him. 52 more words



As stated before I have been using this blog less and less, hopefully I will feel a rush of inspiration to write something about history, culture or bushcraft at some point, in the meantime, I have set up a store for my arts and crafts, and having taken a while to put anything at all on there I have prints available at least. 82 more words


Double Sided Embroidery - Technique

While doing some research on newly acquired textiles with double-sided embroidery from Rajasthan & Swat valley, I came across this fantastic article.

The Su double-sided embroidery from China is different in character  from the ones from Rajasthan or Swat. 110 more words