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Batman: The dark knight returns Fan Art

Recently I got Batman: The Dark Knight Returns Part 2 on Blu Ray so I thought I would go back to the original graphic novel and draw a scene I think is one of the best panels within the graphic novel.

Secondary Projects

Into the Fire - The Sweat of Project Fahrenheit

Upon coming into the project late I found that I could not get my head around it and what our actual idea was. I wanted to work hard to make up for being late but not knowing the initial project criteria along with the chosen idea we were pursuing was very perplexing.

Traditional Art

"On to the Next Level"

Did this in December, 2012 for a couple good friends of mine who were getting married that Winter Solstice. They’re both gamer guys, but in different ways – as Codex would say, one’s an RPG Fairy, one’s FPS – so this is what I ended up doing for them. 28 more words

Week of April 14-18

8th Grade Art: 1st hour

Essential Question: How does art impact our place in the world?

Content Standards:

ART.VA.I.8.1     Apply understanding of the varying qualities of materials, techniques, media technology, and processes to the selection of appropriate tools and media to design and solve creative problems and achieve desired artistic effects. 924 more words



I used a limited palette. It’s a great practice to play with colours. I used Naple’s yellow, Permanent Rose and Burnt Umber. It’s a mask of metal. 115 more words