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Image of the Week 02: Worlds Within Worlds

One of our current assignments is to make various images based on a given theme each week.

This image is based on depression, and how the different negative mindsets you can get caught in can feel like different, layered worlds that you get lost in. 36 more words


Allegretto PCY

*  S p e e d   V i d e o  *

*  D es c r i p t i o n  *

PURCHASE… 301 more words



Okay, this one is a rather… semi-traditional project but it involved a mountain of fun..and a lot of running around, searching for spraycaps…being frustrated about not finding the right spraycap, feeling cool because of wearing a bandana (only for health- reasons of course..) and trying to figure out, which one of the five reds that are standing around is actually the one that you used just two hours ago.. 35 more words

Traditional Art


New artist! :)

And today’s new artist is Masaya! She’s from Italy. Her passion for comics grew with her and at only 8 years she decided she would become a comic book artist. 113 more words


Find Your Dreams

Find your dreams.

tumblr : http://littlemiudreams.tumblr.com/

deviantart : http://kawaiimiu.deviantart.com/

Traditional Art

An Offering of Art for Goddes Durga - Madhubani Painting from Mithila

A vintage Madhubani painting from Mithila depicting several forms of Goddess Durga


Drawn using a pen-type instrument with clean strokes, this painting is about 30-40 years old. 66 more words