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Week 3: September 15-19

8th Grade Digital Art: 1st and 6th hours

Essential Question: How does art impact our place in the world?

Content Standards:

ART.VA.I.6.3 Develop a successful visual vocabulary. 287 more words



Despite how I was taught not to give faith to such ‘pagan’ practices, as a kid I used to read horoscopes and wonder on how adequately my sign’s description matches my personality. 603 more words

Traditional Art

Zhao Wei portrait with a bird - work in progress

Done over one night, an afternoon and an evening (started on Friday) – so far.

Original reference (I totally couldn’t find a larger one):

Because I have this very soft spot for little birds, and if they are in an obviously good relationship with a nice-looking girl – even the more (check Akumu-chan series, especially episode 2, to understand why – or better don’t, it’s just too silly ;D).

Traditional Art

Haunted by Garments

That’s me! Well, so far it’s one piece of clothing, but that’s already enough.

In fact, it is an alternative title for the soft air series, since that’s how it’s all started – with a piece of clothing. 863 more words

Traditional Art

Anatomy II: the back

Here i’m struggling with the superficial layer of the muscles of the back. It keeps becoming more and more intresting. I begin to understand the shapes under the lines that i draw.


RWBY Sketches

More fangirling. If you enjoy anime and girl power and awesome quirky characters and awesome battle scenes, and you haven’t seen it already, you really should check out… 53 more words

Traditional Artwork vs Digital Artwork

In 2010 I considered starting art school and purchased a cheap off-brand graphics tablet and Corel Painter 11. I was so excited, I just knew it was going to change everything for me art-wise. 365 more words

Digital Art