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Mundane Astrology and the Croatian Presidential Elections 2014/15 – Part I

It has been a while since I have written anything. There are many reasons for this but the main reason being I have had to concentrate on health issues. 2,803 more words

Traditional Astrology

Brian Jones - Eminence & Alienation

Traditional astrology can be applied to anything – Nativities, Meteorology, Medicine, the genesis of disease, epidemiology, elections and much more. It is less clear how one can apply Traditional Astrology to fame in the modern sense and in particular to that of a Rock star. 1,415 more words

Traditional Astrology

2015 Aries Ingress of the Sun and UK General Election

On 7th May 2015 the next United Kingdom general election is to be held to elect the 56th Parliament of the United Kingdom. The leader of the Conservatives, who are the larger party in the current coalition government, is David Cameron. 791 more words


Legends of the Fall & the Ascent of the Soul

There was a comment left by one my readers remarking on the fact that phenomena such as eclipses and comets are invariably seen as negative events or even evil ones. 1,637 more words

Traditional Astrology

Passage of the Emerald Comet

It cannot be anything but auspicious to witness an emerald green comet  in the region of Orion at the New Year. It was detected by telescopes in August, but in astrology we deal with the visible in our science of light.  615 more words

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A Vedic Universe

This a very good overview of the subject that never loses touch with the spirit of the science of light. This s likely to be of interest to anyone, but particularly those looking for a reliable but succinct intoduction

Traditional Astrology

Capricorn Ingress USA 2014

Capricorn Ingress 2014 Washington DC USA

December 21 2014 – March 21 2015

Lord of the Year:

Jupiter as the continued Lord of the Year (I was inclined to give LOY to the Sun in March, after further delineations of the year I submitted Jupiter in June) offers economic stimulation, the rise of the dollar, more confidence in investing and as we have seen the hyperinflation of the stock market, Jupiter is in the 2nd sign Leo. 461 more words