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Runaway Podcast: Episode Nine - Aries, 2nd House, and more!

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This Week

  • Traditional Astrology Bits
  • Aries
  • Second House
  • Scorpio Romance

Traditional Astrology

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  • 7 point system
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Interview with Linda Furiate and Mari Garcia

Linda Furiate – What sparked your interest in becoming a professional astrologer doing client work, research, writing, lecturing and/or teaching?

Mari Garcia – I became interested in astrology in the 1980’s when I consulted an astrologer who gave me some prescient advice. 510 more words

Linda Furiate

Eclipse - Battle of Isandlewana

The Battle of Islandlwana on January 22, 1879, was the most dire defeat of the British Army against any indigenous people in the Empire and it occurred at what might be considered the zenith of British power during what has become known as the Zulu Wars. 958 more words

Traditional Astrology