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Worldly Inspiration

Sometimes it’s easy to forget that fashion is not a universal language. Heck, it’s not even universal within a college classroom, but it is clear that people all around the world are able to find beauty within many different types of clothing. 180 more words

Just For Fun

What You See and What You Get: Clothing That Conceals and (Sometimes) Reveals

In Morocco, a traditional Jewish groom would wear a white shroud under his black groom’s coat. In Yemen, a Jewish woman would receive female guests on the first Sabbath after she had given birth, wearing a regal dress adorned with pearls—a dress she would then wear on Yom Kippur and eventually be buried in. 623 more words

Visiting Maramureş: The Merry Cemetery

Before I even came to Romania, I was looking forward to visiting the Merry Cemetery. Tina told me about it and I got so excited! She just didn’t know exactly where it was, so I didn’t either. 645 more words

Romania And Ireland