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9 retirement savings tax tips

You might be able to muddle through retirement without knowing each and every line of Uncle Sam’s tax code. But you’ll likely give the federal government more than its fair share of your nest egg if you don’t know what William Byrnes, author of National Underwriter’s Tax Facts, calls the big retirement plan tax facts. 69 more words


Last-Minute Moves to Save On Your Taxes

The best last minute tax moves are done before the calendar flips into the new year, but depending on your financial situation, you might be able to squeeze in one more tax deduction if you waited to file your taxes. 523 more words

Tax Deductions And Credits

Rollover IRAs For Retirees

If you’re retiring you may want to consider a Rollover IRA. Your earnings will continue to grow tax-deferred with a Traditional IRA and tax-free with a Roth IRA, and you can decide how your money is invested. 27 more words

Calling all last-minute tax filers

April is here, and, for some, it’s a time to welcome spring. For others, it means a race against the clock to get their 2013 tax return done before the April 15 deadline. 625 more words


Do we really need this?

Public policy experts have been expressing concern for years regarding Americans’ abysmal state of retirement preparedness. Two recently published reports shed some important insights on this situation. 313 more words


March ACap ReCap

1. Can I reverse a Roth IRA contribution because my income was higher than I expected?
Yes. It is actually very common for people to make a Roth IRA contribution in the beginning of the year and realize later that they do not qualify for a Roth IRA. 308 more words


Required Retirement Plan Distribution Deadline - April 1st

Reminder for taxpayers who turned 70½ during 2013 – in most cases, they must start receiving required minimum distributions (RMDs) from Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs) and workplace retirement plans by Tuesday, April 1, 2014. 367 more words