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Solid Advice About Facebook Marketing That Can Help Anyone

How much do you know about online marketing? Does any of this knowledge involve Facebook? Are you someone who is into traditional marketing that needs to know more about Facebook? 735 more words

Customer Loyalty: Does it Exist Anymore?

I know we all want to have customers that only call us and never quibble about price. I guess we need to wake up. Years ago you could build customer loyalty, but today I really wonder if it holds true anymore. 360 more words

John Sonnhalter

Manufacturers: Are You Missing Out On Video Opportunities?

Video is one of the most powerful tools in your marketing toolbox. Why aren’t you focusing more on them?

A recent study from eMarketer showed that… 205 more words

John Sonnhalter

Manufacturers: Are You Buying Into Alibaba?

I know we’ve talked in the past on manufacturers using the likes of Amazon Supply to make your product available through another distribution option. Many of our clients are using Amazon Supply along with their traditional distribution, 348 more words

John Sonnhalter

Manufacturers: Content Overload. What Are You Doing About It?

Even though the economy appears to be improving, corporate hiring is not reflecting it and we are all challenged to do more with less. That’s bad enough, but new things keep getting put on the… 210 more words

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What Are You Doing With All Those Email Leads You're Getting?

We all have a list of customers’ emails in some assemblage of order. What are you doing with them? Let’s not assume just because someone is currently buying from you that they will continue to do so. 359 more words

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Changing The Way You Market Your Brand

“Stop trying to sell everything, instead use marketing to help customer buy”

Before planning any marketing strategy, it is important to understand how your customer will behave. 315 more words