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Traditional Marketing VS Digital Marketing. Which do you prefer?

Digital Marketing is forever increasing resulting in traditional roadside billboards, print advertisements and direct mail have all suffered, but digital alternatives are starting to become more dominant. 325 more words


What are you doing to build your "Proprietary Audience?

I had the chance to hear Jeffrey Rohrs speak at a WTWH Media event recently and subsequently read his new book, Audience.

Jeff’s take on social media and content marketing revolves around one thing – THE AUDIENCE. 147 more words

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Manufacturers: What are you doing to improve the customer experience?

Today more than ever, customers are expecting, and in some cases demanding, a better customer experience. These types of experiences have to start in the C suite and trickle down. 218 more words

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Why Use Social Media?

In the last two years, I noticed more and more companies saying they need to use social media to communicate with consumers. But often they don’t know why or how to integrate it into their current marketing plan. 702 more words

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8 Tips on Generating High Quality B-to-B Leads

Let’s face it, in your world, qualified leads are or should be the holy grail of marketing. According to a report by Marketing Sherpa… 276 more words

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Marketing through the decades

Marketing has exist over a hundred and it has change the society through decades. Back in the 80’s, the technology was not as rich as today, businesses used direct response method for marketing and it was quite successful. 452 more words

What part of selling is the "Human Factor?"

I know everyone is so focused on social media and content creation, but that’s only the beginning of the sales cycle. When people identify themselves, who makes the sale – the internet or a person?  291 more words

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