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Will traditional marketing become obsolete? Will blogs serve a purely interactive purpose being dominated by  videos? Finally, will mass marketing no longer be applied? These and many other questions were raised during the DIGIday on Porvoo Campus. 873 more words


Case Study - Budweiser vs GoDaddy "Lost Dog" Commercials

Unless you have been hiding under a rock for the past few weeks, then you know two things.

First, this is totally about to happen……Super Bowl… 421 more words


Email Marketing: Still a top performer

Do you know that the average office worker checks their email 30 times an hour? Can you imagine what the stats are for contractors out in the field? 281 more words

John Sonnhalter

Why PR Should be a Part of Your Content Marketing Strategy

Everyone today is so focused on Content Marketing that they may overlook an old standby, PR, that could help in getting that all-important content out there. 128 more words

John Sonnhalter

Do you have a B-to-B Video Strategy?

We are a visual society and it’s a fact that videos are a unique way of delivering your message to a targeted audience. B-to-B companies using this media sometimes are too set in the old ways ( 248 more words

John Sonnhalter

MMC5006: In Your Words 2

While social media marketing and classical marketing differ in their approaches, companies can combine marketing aspects to effectively market their product. From strategies to types of marketing to cost, a company can pick and choose whether social media marketing or classic marketing is best for them. 555 more words


Content is King in Event Marketing

Event Marketing is a broad term, as it is meant to incorporate the promotion, marketing, execution, and post event marketing actions of an event. Typically for corporate events, planning starts 8-14 months in advance and post event coverage usually wraps up within two weeks of an event close. 607 more words