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Be traditionally published or be damned?

Self publishing is not a new phenomena.   Eighteen years ago, I used to work part-time in Books Etc in Canary Wharf.  Every Saturday without fail, a writer would come into the shop and ask if we would stock his book. 726 more words

Caught Between a Bookstore and an Amazon Place

I had an interesting experience recently, one that emblemized the continuing turf-wars indie writers can get unwittingly caught up in amongst factions of the publishing world: those with whom we’ve attempted to engage with little or no success (traditional publishers); those we’re seeking to involve in our independent marketing efforts (bookstores), and those who actually give us the platform and opportunity to fulfill our goals as creative writers (Amazon, Smashwords, and others). 1,490 more words

Macmillan signs on with Scribd and Oyster

Macmillan signs on with Scribd and Oyster

In something I described as “shaky” in my annual prediction post for 2015:

The Year Ahead: 2015

I “predicted” that at least one Big 5 publisher would join Amazon’s subser (that’s what I call a subscription service) 716 more words

Traditional Publishers

Would You Buy A Book With No Reviews?

Would I buy a book that didn’t have any reviews on Amazon?  No.  With so many demands on our time, from work to family, and options to spend time, from watching television to playing sports, I think it’s fair to say that time is precious.   515 more words

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I didn't buy your book this week, and your publisher is to blame

Dear Fellow Author who has the good fortune of working with a traditional, mainstream publishing company:

This week I read a review of your book or heard an interview with you on the radio, and I was so taken by it that I wanted to have your book immediately. 468 more words

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