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Playing In My Own Sandbox (part 3)

The word circulated last week that Random Penguin had axed four different western series. This wasn’t unexpected–I pretty much assumed this in December and realized what the merger of Random House and Penguin meant last year when it was announced. 397 more words


Independent Publishing vs. Traditional Publishing: Pros and Cons

After months or years of writing and rewriting, editing and revising, reworking and polishing, you’ve finally done it—you’ve completed your novel! You have your manuscript in hand, substantial in heft, ready for the next step. 1,138 more words


I am not chaff. I am a serious writer, thank you.

Elitism always frowns on democratization.

I was reading an article which quoted two well-known mainstream authors, who gave their thoughts on the changing face of the publishing industry. 527 more words

Indie Author

Who's Got The Time?

I’ve just read a very interesting post by Elizabeth Spann Craig. She talks about hybrid authors, that is, those who both self-publish and publish traditionally. She has done both. 395 more words

Thoughts On Writing

The Disruptive “D”

Publishing is undergoing disruption.

Harvard Business School Professor Clayton Christensen introduced the world to his analysis of technological changes in his seminal “The Innovator’s Dilemma,” where be coined the word (and idea) of “disruption.” 708 more words


A is for Amazon

There’s no getting around it. Amazon is the biggest retailer for independent publishers. Amazon is pretty much it.

This is both pretty exciting, because how great it is to have direct access to potential readers, and pretty unnerving, because who likes to deal with what could become a monopolistic player in a very short time. 358 more words


Experts on Publishing

I saw this article, Self-Publishing and Community Experts: Are We Getting The Balance Right?, and was entertained by the author’s skewering of some self-publishing “expert” stereotypes. 326 more words