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Qibao Ancient Water Town

In and around Shanghai there are many water towns which burst with rich traditional Chinese culture and history, claiming to the the ‘Venice in the east’. 98 more words

Traditional Meal: Green Bean Casserole

Every year at thanksgiving my family usually makes a big dinner (or lunch) and we all sit down together, and, as most families have, one of the dishes is a green bean casserole. 391 more words


The Brazen Basement Bistro

First off, let me start by saying I may be too hard on this restaurant based on the reviews that had highly recommended it, but take everything I write with a grain of salt (pun intended). 540 more words



Hold, heart. Don’t beat so loud.
For me keep your calm, as he walks out on you.

Doodle inspired by the song Hold Heart.


The best pumpkin pie I've ever had.

(I can’t think straight¬†through my current food stupor. Let’s see how this goes.)

I’m more passionate bout pumpkin pie than I am about bread… 470 more words


Happy Thanksgiving to All You Lazy Mothers Out There

As a mother at home, I have done all the things homemakers in my situation have done, and—like them—have shaken my head at the ignorance of people¬†who have informed me that “stay-at-home-moms” and “working women” are too different categories of people. 510 more words

Skin And Breath And Hair

No Bake! Fruity Mousse-y Chocolate Tart with a Bergamot Biscuit Base! Vegan &Gluten Free

I spent a bit of time trying to think of a catchy title for this torte! Antioxidant blast Cacao Tart? With a bergamot cookie crust? Clearly I did not come up with one. 1,204 more words