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The 6:18 tradition

Today’s my birthday, number 33! I woke up to a fantastic breakfast of *A*’s new specialty coconut-crusted stuffed french toast.  She’s working on my old-fashioned birthday cake as we speak.   552 more words


Chinese Valentines day - Qixi - a day for lovers?

Did you know that August 2nd was Chinese Valentine’s day,  or as the Chinese call it “QiXi Festival.” It falls on the seventh day of the seventh month in Lunar calendar. 577 more words


Oh, Hello Again, August

August.  It’s always been a month of transition for me, always a feeling of ending one thing and moving on to the next.  Maybe that’s because it’s my birthday month, but looking back, there seem to be all sorts of elements of change that occurred in August.   441 more words


Fairy Myths

 The Leprechaun

The most famous of all fairy creatures is the leprechaun. He is the national Irish fairy and lives only in Ireland. The name leprechaun is derived from leath bhrogan (Gaelic), which means shoemaker. 357 more words


Spread a Little Sunshine

I’ve done it.  Made my very first quilt.  Well, quilted picnic blanket, actually.  But the word “quilt” is in there, so that’s  good enough to claim as a “first” in my book. 781 more words



So remember when I said that I had another blog post ready for you guys?
Well, here it is! A little later than I planned, because there is no WIFI in ChenChen’s new apartment, but now that I am back in Norway I can finally post it.. 605 more words