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Feminists Unite! Or Bake a Pie

As a child who came of age in the 1960s and 70s during the feminist movement, I am a bit confused by the recent spate of anti-feminist rhetoric circulating on social media from young women. 699 more words


What's in a Name?

Long before Generous entered into our lives, Precious and I had discussed (as many couples do) myriad hypothetical things about our future offspring, including how many kids we hoped to have, their sex/gender, the lofty futures to which they would ascribe, and, most specifically, their names. 468 more words

Birthday Story

On my birthday, every year, my mom would tell the tale,

the story of the day that I was born,

when first I tasted air and belted out my premier wail. 165 more words


Asian culture and its traditions

Coming soon in life & culture;  Asian culture and its traditions , What do you know about your culture,What is that one thing that makes you proud of having an asian origin, Share it with the world. 11 more words


sweet family reading time

If my kids were younger and had less of a  ‘Mom!  Stop taking our picture!’ attitude, the picture above would be one that I would have snapped of us last night all piled together on my king-sized bed — … 298 more words

Everyday Life

"I'm Just Saying..":: Should She Propose?

I’m pretty sure your social network news feed is beginning to look very similar to mine. Pictures of proposals, relationship status updates, and wedding are beginning to flood my timeline. 311 more words

"I'm Just Saying.."

Dinner and a Drive…

We have a family tradition that started sometime during the past year.  It wasn’t intentional but just sort of happened over time.  Every Sunday evening we take a drive through the countryside.  For about 2 and a half hours, as the sun sets, we take in the glory of God’s beautiful creation.  Our Sunday drives have become another event we look forward to every week.  It’s a perfect end to the weekend and a great start to a new week.  As we drive along the winding country roads, I tend to reflect on the events of the week past.  A stretch of pasture and crops have a way of putting things, good or bad, into perspective.  Seeing the earth, fresh and green, reminds me of the new opportunities that will fill the coming week.  The breeze and leaves wisping away as they fall from the trees gives me a renewed energy and sense of adventure for facing the coming challenges.  I highly recommend ending your week and starting the next with a drive.  … 557 more words

In The Kitchen