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Bangkok Pollution

Bangkok is polluted, the smoke filled air from the early morning commuters with their cars, coming from their brand new condos, making their way to work serve to highlight the dramatic contamination levels this city has reached. 572 more words

Rumor Has It Wednesday

UT has started. 4,700 new freshman are on campus. The interstate is a parking lot. There’s no parking on campus. Where did the space go? 21 more words

A Peep Into Road Side.

My sister recently approached me with a complain regarding defects in her phone, & to get that updated she asked me to go to Nokia care as the model belonged to Nokia products. 143 more words

Full House? No. Full BUS!

TGIF. And there goes another busy week. Weekends rule for now.

I just want to point out something, its  not that much but I really think people should give a damn about it. 239 more words

Personal Experience

The Art of Saying No

A few days ago, I got caught in a terrible traffic jam on my way home. For those of you fortunately unfamiliar with how Manila works, all traffic jams need to happen are two things: 1) vehicles and 2) rain water. 265 more words

This City

Edited Highlights: 'Roadworks'

Yesterday evening I went to a night club called Roadworks. There was a long queue at the entrance and traffic cones everywhere. When I got inside I thought it was the biggest hole I’d ever been in



Summer would not be summer without our days at the races. It defines the point at which summer finally arrives! The smell of the grass, the perfume, the aftershave all mixed in with a liberal sprinkling of Champagne.and the pageantry of the Royal Parade. 1,920 more words