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Edited Highlights: 'Roadworks'

Yesterday evening I went to a night club called Roadworks. There was a long queue at the entrance and traffic cones everywhere. When I got inside I thought it was the biggest hole I’d ever been in

It took how long to get home from NY?!? A lesson in disguise...

So I’m all about the lessons.  Hey, if I’m going to make mistakes – which I am prone to do – then I want to be able to share them so someone can learn from them.   826 more words




Summer would not be summer without our days at the races. It defines the point at which summer finally arrives! The smell of the grass, the perfume, the aftershave all mixed in with a liberal sprinkling of Champagne.and the pageantry of the Royal Parade. 1,920 more words


Notes From the Road

Day 3

A jack-knifed tractor trailer has created a traffic jam for several miles just north of Fredericksburg. We catch this important piece of news just before shutting off the TV in our hotel room. 800 more words

Road Trip

Three Things That Can Cause Traffic Jams (2008)

1. A wreck.

2. A flat tire.

3. A united thought by drivers, to head to that one gas station,

at the same time, that has the lowest gas prices. 10 more words


Offgrid Living vs. the Control Matrix

Andy Dilks, Staff Writer
Waking Times

Ever since the advent of the Neolithic Revolution some 10,000 years B.C., elements of mankind have increasingly strove to carve up, control and dominate the land, creating an increasingly stratified social hierarchy in which those at the top use force and coercion to dictate to the masses and ensure their subjugation. 1,010 more words