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Dancing traffic light

I haven’t posted a video in a while…. So here it is!

The red man at the traffic light. Dancing.

Is that a Traffic Light on Mars?

Thursday, 25 September 2014
With the now increased traffic in the Red Planet’s region – since India’s satellite reached Mars’s orbit Wednesday – a traffic light might just be what’s been missing. 362 more words


Cedar Springs itself is a pleasant little town, one that could be transplanted with any of a thousand Midwestern towns and not lose it’s identity. A main street runs north and south with a traffic light at the intersection of the country road.

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A Crosswalk Light That Favors Gay Dancing Over Jaywalking!

Daimler AG’s Smart brand came up with the playful concept of replacing the static “don’t walk” image on street corners with a red stick figure that dances its way through every red light. 153 more words

Problem Solving

"Yield at Green" This is what started it all!!!

It all came down to a road trip where I came to a main intersection which had traffic lights appropriate for a main road intersection including the turning lane having a light as well. 504 more words

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