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On driving home from work with the traffic lights against me

Sometimes I treat each red light as an invitation
to think about something uncomfortable like a decision I’ve been avoiding
or a socially awkward exchange at work… 145 more words


"Replace fear of the unknown with curiosity." Unknown

Next week marks the 2 month period since I moved to London. It feels much more like 8 months to me. I knew things would be different than my home in Saint John, New Brunswick.(Actually I grew up in Kingston NB about 45  minutes outside of the city. 690 more words

The Other Side of LA

I couldn’t of taken this photo any quicker, tuning the camera into monochrome mode, zooming in, clambering over my friend in the back seat, trying to steady and then the traffic light went green, grabbed the shot…

Ready, Steady, Go!!

I am using a training program in preparation for the half marathon in December.  This is a first for me and there are a multitude of options out there to choose from – trust me I have researched extensively. 196 more words