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A traffic light in front of the Oval Cricket Ground in London, UK

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Zach Pollock Extra Credit- Victorian Traffic Lights.

Traffic lights… we hate them with all our heart. They make us have to bring our car to a halt and force us to wait about two minutes so it can turn green again before we can carry on with our journey. 284 more words

Spring 2015 Blog

"Black cab behind traffic light" in London, UK

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The 'Deadlock' Problem

So, we were off to work like any other day settled uncomfortably in our cab. It takes us about an hour in the morning which is less thanks to our driver who drives the cab like a rackless child handling a car in a racing game with the sole objective to reach the finish line first ( here – before the other route cabs ) not really caring how many cars are thrown off roads on the way.  501 more words

Just The Beginning

Green traffic light viewed through the glass of a telephone box in London, UK

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Traffic lights in the early morning light in London, UK

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