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Time to reflect

With so much turmoil and heartache across the world over the last few weeks, my preparation for moving and taking up my new role seems insignificant in many ways. 368 more words


Where Does The State's Responsibility End?

I am as relieved as anybody else that young Srikant Balaji is safe and sound, though perhaps a bit under the weather after his recent experience. 565 more words

In The News

51 Reported Dead In Taiwanese Plane Crash

According to reports, a TransAsia Airways flight traveling from Taipei to an island in the Taiwan Strait has crashed, killing 51.

Web Culture

Out of Control?

Do you think the world is just out of control? Reading the headlines, watching your favorite news channel, and hearing others speak, it would certainly seem so. 167 more words

Lesser of two evils?

I have only been on a plane once in my life. I was young and remember being very nauseous from the experience. That is all I have from a personal perspective. 102 more words


Beware Scammy Facebook Pages And Fake Charities Taking Advantage Of Flight MH17 Tragedy

It is a disgusting reality that when tragedy strikes, there’s always going to be someone out there trying to take advantage of it for personal gain. 208 more words

Past . . .

The future, the past, my present is aghast.
A poor creature, I’m so lost.
Bereft of thoughts,
I’m a miser of all sorts.
Steering through the deep gorge,
259 more words