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Book review: Sophocles - Philoctetes

Towards the end of the Trojan war, Odysseus and Neoptolomos (the son of Achilles) arrive at the island of Lemnos for the purpose of retrieving Herakles’ bow, which the gods have decreed is essential for a Greek victory at Troy. 495 more words


Brothers in Arms - The Siblings Who Went to War

The movie Saving Private Ryan was much feted when it was first released for its realistic depiction of the sheer terror experienced by those who took part in the D-Day landings on Normandy’s ‘Omaha Beach’. 956 more words

Manic Monday: Euripidean Fragments on Fortune, Suffering and Intelligence

Euripides, fr. 102 (Alcmene)

We are all wiser at weighing our neighbor’s bad luck than our own.

σοφώτεροι γὰρ συμφορὰς τὰς τῶν πέλας
πάντες διαθρεῖν ἢ τύχας τὰς οἴκοθεν. 54 more words


EruAcu - Rage

Rage is the sum of all negative anger bound to lead all that follow to a tragedy of which nightmares will go on forever and eventually lead to self destruction.


Shiore House - A Remnant of a Coward

I wouldn’t have pushed Hetty off the bridge that day if I had known a man was going to enter the House. Maybe I wouldn’t have yelled at her and called her a loose whore either. 676 more words


November 24 - Shot Through the Heart

The spirit of a man will sustain his infirmity; but a wounded spirit who can bear? Proverbs 18:14

I knew a man who was a very quiet and miserable old soul. 252 more words


Be More Intimate

After looking over several studies stipulating the meaning of life and what is most important, I have found one clear-cut answer.

In Intimacy by Edward Crowther, 90% of terminally ill patients said that intimate relationships were, essentially, the meaning of life. 129 more words