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Tower Peak

Tower Peak is a remote and impressive summit at the northern end of the High Sierra. The peak lies at the headwaters of the West Walker River that was included in the substantial expansion of the Hoover Wilderness in 2009. 651 more words

Trail Running

A Great Team is the Difference

On Sunday I competed in the USA 50 km Trail Championships in Bend, Oregon. I ran a time of four hours and 44 minutes to place in the top 20 runners for men. 2,062 more words

Trail Running

Bearded, full of facial hair and fast trail running

Some trail runners have smooth chins.

They glide through the air like the polished legs of a Tour de France cyclist. Shimmery, slick and slippery, lightly covered with a sheen of baby oil. 100 more words

Trail Running

The Vermont 50. An Ultra Adventure.

I’m sitting here with my tired paws up, staring at a soon to be black toe nail with an ice pack on a very swollen and bruised Achilles’ tendon. 1,351 more words

What Do Your Running Goals Mean?

Early on, or if you are a beginning runner, you probably knew exactly what you wanted to get out of running.

You probably had a goal. 388 more words


One Sleep

This time tomorrow I’ll be running my face off. I’ll admit. I’ve been freaking out. Big time. But now, with one sleep until the Vermont 50… 174 more words

Five reasons you won't ever get bored trail running!

There are many reasons to try trail running. Everything from discovering new places, to staying entertained when you’re running, to combining your love for nature with some exercise. 537 more words