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Last minute Ultra?

I felt kind of lost after finishing CanLake 50.  I was able to recover really fast, and ran a super awesome (and very tough) 8 mile race at the Swain Ski Slopes ( 382 more words


Poking Around Parker Dam

Yesterday wrapped up my Servsafe Certification course (hopefully. If I failed that exam, we are in a world of hurt,) which was 12+ hours of food-born illness discussion, plus how to wash your hands, and why you shouldn’t cut raw chicken on one cutting board and then put lettuce on the same board. 780 more words


Sweet Illusions Coming Down

I don’t know how running wormed its way back inside me and stirred my soul so much over the past few weeks.  I mean, I literally swore it off one day, ran 18 miles the next, and suddenly, I can’t get enough of that stuff. 728 more words


Salomon Park Hydro Set: Take 2!

Earlier this month I posted a blog entry giving my initial impressions of the Salomon Park Hydro Set. When I made that entry I had only completed a single 9 mile run with the set so my time with the carrier was pretty limited. 798 more words


Marathon des Sables - day four part two (MdS long day)

Having your name plaque emblazoned on your race outfit was, I think, so that when you are face down and generally incommunicado, that attending medical personnel can shout your name loudly during their attempts to revivify you. 508 more words

Marathon Des Sables

Tales from the Trails - Brush Hollow Trail

Head about ten miles north from Ridgway on Route 948, and there it is.  The innocuous but well maintained trailhead of the Brush Hollow Trail.  I personally live about 5 miles north of Ridgway.   1,274 more words



Please excuse my long absence – school holidays came and went, along with the usual chaos/fun they involve, followed by two weeks of cleaning up the mess.  978 more words

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