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Running along the trail of life

It’s been a bit since I last posted! Lord knows, it isn’t because there is nothing of interest going on in my life rather quite the opposite. 685 more words

Weight vs Performance

Years and years ago I read an article about the effects that weight has on performance. Now that I’m a competitive athlete again, I’ve started wondering just how much effect it actually has. 394 more words


Notes from the Leadville Trail 100 2014

I still can’t believe it’s over. I sometimes touch my buckle to make sure it’s real. I still have that dream-like sense that it’s the night before the race and I’m imagining I’ve run the race. 496 more words


The dos and don'ts of running the Berghaus Trail Chase 2014

Fifty-odd kilometres up to a height of 1,826m over the course of two days, how tough can it really be? Not that bad if all goes to plan and you know what you’ve let yourself in for.  1,167 more words

Prehab 2

My first prehab plan got me to the starting line of the Squamish 23 injury-free. Unfortunately, it wasn’t quite enough to run the race pain-free and I ended up hobbling the last few kilometres to the finish line. 308 more words


Trail Race Series starts this week

August has snuck up on me!

The 2014 version of the Trail Race Series is set to begin. The series will be a bit different this year, with similar elements from last year. 133 more words


Running Selfies with Friends

After browsing my phone, I have come to the realization I have a lot of selfies. Not just that but most are running selfies. So this post is strictly a picture heavy post of selfies with some of the great people I run with.