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Strange Magic - Trailer!

Strange Magic is George Lucas’s new animated feature that’s due in January 2015! This project has been a LONG time in the works (even before I was working at Lucasfilm) and it’s really great that it’s finally getting out! 66 more words

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One Year Wonders? - SMT - System Tumours 2 Trailer

One year wonders yeah? Hahaha I don’t think so! Back at it again with higher quality footage, SMT smashing it, causing more damage to steel, more ruckus and havin’ a fuckin’ giggle while it happens! 41 more words

The Force Awakens teaser: any day now?

The chatter about this teaser has been building and building over the last few days. There have been about 100 different rumours, many of them conflicting. 104 more words

The Force Awakens


Here is the trailer of Erik Skjoldbjaerg’s new film, starring Aksel Hennie, Wes Bentley and Stephen Lang. 41 more words


Pitch Perfect 2 - Trailer Oficial

In urma cu cateva saptamani am urmarit filmul ‘Pitch Perfect’, la insistentele unei foarte bune prietene. Am adorat filmul din prima secunda si nici nu am inteles cand a trecut timpul. 147 more words