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Turkey Diaries: Day Two

Day Two: Arrival//Departure

It’s weird. I have never felt bigger, greater or stronger just because I’m way up here and everyone else is way down there. 370 more words


A Point Missed, A Thought Left Unsaid

I thought I had explained things really well. Especially because I have always struggled with confrontation and even just expressing my thoughts and feelings in words. 87 more words

Train Of Thoughts

Turkey Diaries - Day One

Day One: Head in the Clouds

I kept a pocket notebook of scribbles for my trip to Turkey. It literally is a notebook full of illegible writings. 914 more words



Random thoughts. Do you want to be on my train of thoughts?

I was born and raised in South Korea. I have yellow skin. I have really dark hair. 349 more words

I Sometimes Think


Before this trip to Europe, I wished for two things. Safety and someone to crush on in this trip. And my wish was granted. (Excuse my over excessive gushing) 285 more words



Today I went out with Kim and Carmen to film something exciting. In the end we just ended up drafting a plot. I liked it. I liked how we were huddled in those large sofa chairs. 391 more words


Two Ways

I don’t know if it is like this for anyone else but for me I seem to always be one of two ways. Either I can make a decision really fast or I am so indecisive that I get anxiety over the fact that I can’t make a decision and give up. 244 more words

Train Of Thoughts