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Two Ways

I don’t know if it is like this for anyone else but for me I seem to always be one of two ways. Either I can make a decision really fast or I am so indecisive that I get anxiety over the fact that I can’t make a decision and give up. 244 more words

Train Of Thoughts

5 Daily Tasks for Everyone

1. Smile and/or laugh – Automatically boost up your mood with a smile, or even better, laughing. Your day will be brighter, I promise you. And don’t forget that smiling and laughing is contagious, so others will also smile and laugh with you. 344 more words

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Feeling Stuck

I know that the holiday with my family is coming to an end and whilst I have had a very good time travelling through Japan I have learnt a great deal of things about myself and my family. 395 more words

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Encouragement and Appreciation, More Like Lack Of

The society that most of us grow up in is a ridiculous one that sets you up for constant failure. Our whole lives we are in a constant competition with everyone and have the same tasks that we all need to overcome. 479 more words

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My whole entire life I have been criticised. I started ballet when I was almost 4 years old, ballerinas are supposed to be graceful and petite. 619 more words

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A series of Hello

I remembered, was the first word he said. Probably no one remembered with all the “Hello”s we say in a day. Who knows how a simple hello may end up.

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Ambitions Perhaps Just A Dream

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while you’ll well and truly know that I have no idea what is going on with my life or what I am going to do as a job as I haven’t been pulled towards anything in particular. 299 more words

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