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The Lumia Diaries Project - Train Of Thoughts

The next chapter is here and this time we decided to go out of our houses and capture some trains, people on the stations, railway constructions and many more things that we all come across when we travel through trains in Mumbai. 167 more words


A Dog For A Friend Is Better Than A Friends Who's A Dog

I have a little puppy Henry, he’s a western Highlander crossed with a Poodle, he turned 4 this year and is such a rascal. Henry is my first pet and my best friend, he’s such a loving character towards me until anyone else walks into the room. 322 more words

Train Of Thoughts

The Mask

I think that on a day to day basis we play far too many different roles and characters. In this society we all feel the need to wear some sort of mask, this mask will differ depending on the people we are showing it to. 288 more words

Train Of Thoughts

Perfection: False Hope

Perfection’s dictionary definition is: absolute or complete, beyond practical or theoretical improvement. Before I go any further, I’ll just state my view. I do not believe in perfection. 258 more words

Train Of Thoughts

Reusita in cariera. Bun simt autentic vs prefacatorie

Reusita in cariera. Bun simt autentic vs prefacatorie

In toate companiile in care am lucrat am avut norocul sau ghinionul sa dau peste trei categorii de oameni: 467 more words

Train Of Thoughts

I don't like political t-shirts

As I was walking home fromĀ a short jog, a man walked past me, waving to someoneĀ in a passing car. The man was wearing a t-shirt with quite the strong political message; a big red cross over a country’s flag, a country which is currently at war/in an on-going conflict. 374 more words


Drama Queen or Realistic Reaction

I often struggle to define a realistic or appropriate reaction compared with people just being a “drama queen”, and I am starting to see that really depends who is saying or doing something. 635 more words

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