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Time Away From Home

Until you live out of home you have no idea how good you had it. However, the entire time that you’re living at home you are dying to leave. 430 more words

Train Of Thoughts

Powerful Music

How many times have we seen ourselves listening to music that reflected our emotions? Our situation? Our thoughts? We use music as therapy, as a way to improve our self-esteem, as a way to motivate and inspire. 304 more words

Train Of Thoughts

I Don't Remember

I keep finding myself in different situations and it’s really interesting as I am learning more about myself every day. Being in these different positions I get to observe myself, the thoughts I have, words I speak and the actions I take. 304 more words

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Can You Not?

For a few weeks now I have been living with a 2 people whilst house sitting this gorgeous dog. The longer I’m here the more I realise that I hate not having control of everyone in the household. 349 more words

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The Lumia Diaries Project - Train Of Thoughts

The next chapter is here and this time we decided to go out of our houses and capture some trains, people on the stations, railway constructions and many more things that we all come across when we travel through trains in Mumbai. 167 more words


A Dog For A Friend Is Better Than A Friends Who's A Dog

I have a little puppy Henry, he’s a western Highlander crossed with a Poodle, he turned 4 this year and is such a rascal. Henry is my first pet and my best friend, he’s such a loving character towards me until anyone else walks into the room. 322 more words

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The Mask

I think that on a day to day basis we play far too many different roles and characters. In this society we all feel the need to wear some sort of mask, this mask will differ depending on the people we are showing it to. 288 more words

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