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Practice makes perfect, even when it comes to embarrassing situations – don’t you just love consistency?

I take comfort (sprinkled with a dash of pride) about the fact that no one can quite muster as much perfection as I can when I fall flat on my face, armed with a coffee in one hand and a cream assaulted cake in another, in front of that drop-dead gorgeous Johnny Depp lookalike in the midst of an audience of about, ooh, 100 people at the city train station the way I do. 11 more words

Venting & Other "bleh" Scribbles

The long way home

On Friday morning around 10 o’clock I asked E if she would like to take a trip into Manchester for a few hours, not for any particular reason but simply to get out of the house and away from things for a while. 882 more words


063_Train station Maribor: quicker

I didn’t like the previous sketch too much so I sketched one other sketch of the train station, this time with graphite stick. I like the composition of volumes and play of horizontal and vertical accents in this late slovenian functionalist architectural complex. 26 more words


062_Maribor train station

At one point in life I was daily passing the old train engine to enter the Maribor train station and commute to Ljubljana. The engine still ‘decorates’ the entrance but I rarely pass it these days.