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Time to go home - Fun Wid Us

by tracy-t
Entertainment Guaranteed


Raring to go: finally passed out as an Engine Driver.

Raring to go: finally passed out as an Engine Driver. Taking the controls of SMR’s Prince Charles.


Day whatever, 7?... Uh... 4/23/14, 9:25 AM - Kiillarney, Railway Hostel

Quick update for you all. I’m really poor at planning transportation. I meant to do more before I left but I got caught up with everything else it seems. 157 more words

Security #1

Today we got stopped by a fare inspector and a policeman as we alighted the train at Main St Square Station in downtown Houston.
Thankfully we had figured out to “swipe on” with our Metro Q card before we got on the train, or we would have been in as much trouble as the very unhappy young man who was insisting there was money on his card even though there clearly wasn’t. 104 more words

Bucket List Holiday - USA & Canada 2014

French bulldog puppies are very different by means of other kinds of the pet. Little frenchie’ could be the other popular name in this breed. Little frenchie’s are definitely keen in pleasing their owners and thus very friendly in qualities. 422 more words

Toddlers + Train : Wordless Wednesday

Don’t know what mesmerized them and what design they were discussing…

Day 2 of NEW #RAD2014

112/365 Second day without a 2+ mile run, and it feels weird. Actually it feels like my IT bands are 2 inches too short, and that can be blamed on the Foundry Fitness class I took last night. 175 more words