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The only reason I am inspired to write this post is because from my office cabin I can hear a train pass every half an hour. 355 more words


Viral Video: Train Nearly Hits Two Women

Two women run from a train on a bridge and survive by lying down!

Remember the scene in “Stand By Me” where the guys get caught on the bridge and have to run from a TRAIN? 110 more words


Ulaanbaatar to Beijing... Last Trans Siberian train

The train from UIaanbaatar was at 7:30am, and several people from our hostel were going so we had a couple of taxis. Each taxi to the train station cost about 4000 Tugrug (£1.10ish), so between a few people it was basically nothing really. 1,133 more words

John Brent vs Train

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John Brent is no match for Train. Train never misses his shots and he’s one of the best assassins to ever fight on the blog. 45 more words


e-book Jadwal Perjalanan Kereta Api 2014

Komitmen peningkatan pelayanan PT. KAI beberapa tahun belakangan ini memang sudah sepantasnya mendapatkan apresiasi yang tinggi. Kali ini peningkatan pelayanan yang diberikan adalah kemudahan memperoleh informasi Jadwal Perjalanan Kereta Api seluruh Indonesia tahun 2014 (berlaku 1 Juni 2014).


Emergency crews take part in Hazmat drill

SHELL ROCK, Iowa – The Department of Transportation is announcing big steps to improve the safety of America’s railways. That’s especially true when it comes to trains that transport hazardous chemicals like ethanol. 459 more words