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Dear Diary | 3

I felt good this week, had some good trainings this week and I had some happy moments.

This week I scheduled 4 trainings in my agenda. 606 more words


My workout in music

Usually I run or train with friends. However, when I can’t, music can play a big part in giving me the get up and go to keep going (I don’t always use music mind you, quite often the world around me is enough. 185 more words


20 weeks out from race day

20 weeks until race day. I told my wife that 1 February 2014 is my feature race for the season. She still doesn’t know the distance but she is supportive so far. 261 more words


So happy with my 16 mile run!!

Yesterday I ran 16 miles and it felt absolutely wonderful!!! The road melted away under my feet! It was a PR for most of the people in our Fleet Feet group so we were all pretty excited! 365 more words


2 Mile Walk

Today was an easy 2 mile walk, although technically speaking, nothing is easy with an 8 month old baby. We spent most of the day after church at my husband’s (Mike) cousins house watching various football games and knew we needed to squeeze our 2 mile walk in for the 10k we’re training for. 133 more words


The Winding Road of Rest and Recovery

If taking time off is so easy, why are we so bad at it? As athletes we find it really hard to take a day off if we’ve had a few really good workouts that week. 1,315 more words


Navy Air-Force Half Marathon PR

“Conquering any difficulty always gives one a secret joy, for it means pushing back a boundary line and adding to one’s liberty.”

As Fall approaches and the Summer heat starts to fade Half and Full Marathon’s get into full swing.  490 more words