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Cave Strong--What is Strength Journey 2015?

Each Coach will describe their part of the instruction at this event.
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Mammoth Lakes - Week 3

Week 3 of the Black Jack Mammoth Altitude Training Camp has come and gone, flying by faster than a team of speedy roller skiers. Packed tight with plenty of fun, including an enjoyable day on the bikes, another trip down to Bishop, a hot roller ski through the Ancient Bristlecone Pine Forest, tough roller ski intensity at Paradise, a weights session (where we all managed to lift a solid 20% more than usual – who knows how…), another lung busting ski striding intensity in Bishop, and a great 3 hour turned 6 hour “recovery” run near the Minaret Mountains spent backtracking to find a lost and distressed Grace. 80 more words

Training Camps

Boot Camp Workout in Orange County: The Road to Fitness

Health is an issue which needs serious thoughts from all of us. Though we spent days and nights worrying about bulging bellies and stubborn fat, but it takes forever and maybe even more than that to put thoughts into action. 240 more words


Mammoth Lakes - Week 2

Week two of the Black Jack Ski Team’s Mammoth Lakes altitude camp. We had a lot of cool shots so why not have a picture post! 200 more words

Training Camps

Mammoth Lakes - Week 1

Ahhh fall. That can only mean one thing for the boys of Black Jack, high altitude training camp in Mammoth Lakes, California. If last year was any indication, it would be a lot of big workouts and heavy hours. 497 more words

Training Camps

Salt Lake City Master's Camp

Derek Parra says the following:

Where are my Master speed skating peeps?!

This is Derek Parra, Olympic Champion and Sport Director at the Utah Olympic Oval. 899 more words

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Off Season Base Training Camps

TWP is excited to announce a series of 4 planned Off Season Base Training Camps that will take place in historic downtown Mt. Dora, FL. We are offering a 3-day camp each month from October ’14 – January ’15. 33 more words

Training Camps