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Week 3 Turkey Trot Training Recap & an Interesting Problem...

Monday, Monday, here again. This Monday I’m actually glad to be back a work.  My weekend of running and just hanging around the house was enough for me to look forward to getting back to work.  296 more words

Misery loves company

Freezing temperatures, 35 MPH winds, 105 degrees Fahrenheit, 20 miles and speed work. Running is hard work and when Mother Nature or your training schedule is against you, having a running partner can be the difference between rolling over in bed or rolling out of bed. 504 more words


Up and At'em...

Normally, I don’t run on Thursday.  It’s my day to catch up on chores or take a nap after work instead of going to the gym.  341 more words

Weekly Recap...

This week is flying by.  Normally I like to post my training recap on Monday for the prior week but it’s been such a busy week that I haven’t gotten to it.  195 more words

It's Official...

It’s official, I signed up and paid my money and I’m in for the 2014 Davis Turkey Trot.  I’m running the Half (of course) and I’m feeling pretty nervous/excited about it.  168 more words

Run Now, Wine Later

During this California jaunt, I had to run four times. I dutifully packed four running outfits, as well as some yoga clothes for good measure. I also realized I needed my foam roller, my water belt, sneakers, Flipbelt, socks and more. 580 more words

Just Do It

Run 100 Miles? You've got to be kidding.

Salt Flats 100 Start, April 2014.

“I don’t even like to drive 100 miles,” they say.

This is the comment that usually starts the conversation with anyone who finds out I run 100 mile events. 782 more words