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How to Deal With Your Dog's Aggressive Behavior

For the most part, dogs are a wonderful part of the family and provide you and your loved ones with affection, entertainment and protection. However, there can be times when your dog acts aggressively toward other animals or even people. 312 more words

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The weekend, long run recap& life celebrations!

What an awesome weekend!
A great long run of 18.33 miles. I haven’t run this course since I was in training for Boston. It’s chock full of tough hills throughout the entire course and it makes for a particularly challenging few hours. 400 more words


Why Dog Life Jackets Are Important For Your Pets Safety

You make your kids wear a life jacket when boating and swimming but what about your dog? Yep, a dog life jackets can be a life saver for your pet if he is ever in an accident in the water or for some reason forced to swim for a long period of time. 386 more words

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Effective leg curls at home

If you’ve ever trained in an old school gym,¬†you might have seen a leg curl bench that was flat, but otherwise every commercial leg curl machine you’ve used has probably been angled. 585 more words


Four must-do exercises that your not doing.....

For the years that i have always tried taking a “shortcut”, a “smarter” way of “training less to grow more”, or just plain balls to walls training old skool style….i jus can’t seem to figure out what would be the most valuable training movements that most of us should do, if you even lift that is(yes you know who you are). 1,140 more words


36 Cardio Workouts to Blast Fat at the Gym

via Lita Shy – Popsugar.com

No matter how you like your cardio at the gym, we’ve got the answer. Stick to your favorite machine or branch out and try a new one with all of our cardio workouts, all in one place. 707 more words


Yes, training is difficult

getting to 30 minutes is a pain. Maintaining that pace and extending your distance, even more. It’s like every time you want to get better, you have to get back to square one and work your way up. 344 more words