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Run Less, Eat More - Carb Loading

I didn’t post this at the time because I was a little too focused with eating carbs and worrying about the big day but hopefully this will be useful to anyone who wants to know what to do and more importantly what to eat a week before a marathon. 965 more words



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A lost love of sprinting

Thursday night our usual run leader was holiday this would’ve been fine but for the person taking over the run was going to do 6 miles at an 8:30/8 min mile pace with stops every two miles. 365 more words



Mobility and Stability Work
3 circuits of the following:

Walking Lunges 20m
Scap Push Ups 10
Sumo Walk 20m
Scap Pull Ups 10
Hamstring Walk 20m… 335 more words


This is an Example

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Arvind Deep

Rescue work started this morning with Nepal Army, Armed Police Force personnel and climbers digging through piles of snow and ice for four Sherpa guides buried on the Everest when they recovered a dead body.  157 more words


High Point [TDC28]

Gentle jog to Wanstead Flats parkrun this morning and some slow tail running and jog part the way back . Another 7 miles done. Still holding at… 213 more words


QTS as a 'Good Thing'

This topic comes round every now and then, usually when brought up by a politician. As ever, there are those who will argue on both sides, but as so often is the case, there is a confusion surrounding what is being argued about – probably not helped by a 140-character limit for those debating on Twitter. 419 more words