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Bungulla Goats (A true story by Grant Hutchings.)

The phone was ringing, ‘ checked the caller id and sure enough it was Kelvin. His best mate, Darryl, had been telling me about their recent feral goat mustering attempts and to expect a call. 694 more words


Find the best online first aid certification course and save lives

Life is quite unpredictable. Uncertainty can strike any time without knocking your door. Predicting these uncertain situations is next to impossible because they do not come in life by giving you a prior notice. 375 more words


Work hard in silence...

Back in Sydney – back to reality you might say! Travelling and healthy living is not always easy but you CAN make it work! ‘If it’s important to you you’ll find a way – if not you’ll find an excuse….’ So I made it work while I was enjoying life. 503 more words

The Who, What, Where and How of Training! Part 1: WHO

Why is ‘Trust’ important in training and how can you get the ‘trust’ factor into your training?

If the end users don’t trust the trainer then they aren’t going to listen, if they don’t listen they won’t learn. 328 more words


Daily motivation (25 photos)

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Hey Berries! How do you stay motivated? Click SUBMIT or mail your pics to… 10 more words


The Who, What, Where and How of Training! Introduction

Before you read the rest of this blog series check out this great article from nirandfar.

In the rest of this series I’m going to talk about: 30 more words


The Most Powerful Tool For Health

The most powerful tool for your health is to move. A study over 20 years involving 1500 people showed those who exercised at least twice a week during middle age were much less likely to develop dementia by the time they reach their 60’s and 70’s, even if they were smokers/drinkers. 92 more words