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Yoga Teacher training in Melbourne

In the event that you have gotten the yoga bug, you may need to investigate Yoga Teacher Training Melbourne. You just need to have adoration for yoga and a longing to partake to begin off in a yoga instructor preparing project. 414 more words


Some people are born great and some people need to be shaped as such.The reality is that both of these two groups of people need a push.As i was watching telly the other day some powerful words were said as follows…life is hard it puts you down many times,do not stay down,do not life put you down…This video Great Mind was recorded a year ago and i trust that is the realm of speach and motivation expressed in the video matching the short quote i just gave so that a businessman becomes the best that he can be so as the governer,the nurse and that person who is nowhere and cannot even add a bankeable or social title to their name.I guarantee that this video will unlock your God given great mind and make you achieve things only seen on very crafty and fiction movies and beyond.Words move a man to anger,words move a woman to embrace and feel a love she felt not a second ago.Words move us to achieve that which we already are,greatness.Get your copy of the GREAT MINDS video for just US 15 Dollars by clicking here http:///?///


14 weeks to go and the human condition

Woot Woot! 14 weeks to go.  We are almost halfway through our training!  I’ve been in recovery mode this week and I’ve felt better for it.   451 more words


Eight ways to use Strava to become a better parkrunner

Want to push yourself to new personal bests? Try combining a weekly parkrun with the various tools that Strava offers, writes Matthew Sparkes This year the Saturday morning jogging phenomenon that is parkrun passed a huge milestone: since launching a decade ago a million people have signed-up. 9 more words


Sleep Apnea Tied to Poor Oxygen Intake During Exercise

Individuals with moderate to severe obstructive sleep apnea may have limited oxygen capacity while participating in strenuous aerobic exercise, according to researchers at the University of California, San Diego School of Medicine. 8 more words


Why You Should Circus

Why You Should Circus

So you’re thinking about joining a circus class? Perhaps you’ve been inspired by a show such as Cirque du Soliel, or maybe you have a friend who takes a class and can’t stop raving about it. 512 more words