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Where Would We Be Without The Volunteers?

I think the railways would be in a sad state if not for the volunteers. To think of all the track BR ripped up to be left to overgrow. 511 more words


All Quiet on the Railway

There are times where it’s who you know comes into play. I’ve mentioned before my father in law is very involved with the Swanage Railway and is one of the volunteer drivers. 643 more words


Chasing The Tornado

If there is one thing we’ve learned on our visit is that prior to booking flights we should check the Swanage Railways calendar for events. If we had we’d have seen the scheduled gala this weekend celebrating 35 years. 490 more words


Travelling by train

Trains. I really have mixed feelings about them (I’m in one right now and this just crossed my mind). See, on the one hand I loce them. 170 more words