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When life imitates art.


The train. The trains is Paris are almost always late. In those trains I stand squashed between sweaty and furry bodies. I tap my foot impatiently behind people who stop in the middle of their tracks and try to figure out whether they are on the right platform. 390 more words


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She was wounded,
a somehow wonderful trainwreck.
Looking at her,
you could just tell,
someday and somehow,
she would be fantastic –
magnificent – 39 more words


Meet Sugar-bob Oregon's cannabis-eating deer (12/22/14)

In late fall in the rolling foothills of the Siskiyou mountains in Southern Oregon, the air smells like pine and marijuana.

Hiking up a steep slope above a row of rural homesteads in the Applegate Valley, Rose points out small earthen platforms, 6 feet by 3 feet, that were cut into the hillside under the cover of the manzanita bushes. 

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New Year's Resolution

Sitting in the waiting room of my daughter’s pediatrician’s office this morning, I took in my surroundings. An eleven-year-old girl with perfectly highlighted hair and a brand new pair of Hunter rain boots (with matching Hunter socks) adorning her feet. 557 more words