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Professional Victims Strike Again!

The professional victims of the feminist movement strike again. Scientist, and now, hero, Matt taylor (pictured above) successfully lands a spacecraft on a comet (not an easy thing, trust me), meanwhile, and apropos of nothing at all, … 264 more words


Take Your Gravol Now! All The Funny People You Like Now Think John Cena Is A Master Of Comedy.

John Cena is the least funny person on the planet. No other human being (aside from my dad, obviously) has inspired as many eye rolls and groans with his jokez as ol’ John. 629 more words


How John Cena is Going Hollywood to Attract New Fans to WWE

Nothing intimidated John Cena, who regularly faces 300-pound men in the wrestling ring — until he had to audition for Judd Apatow and Amy Schumer. 2,319 more words


Defining Dreams

I couldn’t sleep this morning. With a barking dog for an hour half straight since 5:30AM; jumping on my bed, whining and licking my race, coupled with the craziness going on in my mind. 330 more words

Vivian Choi

Dr. Vegas

I think it’s finally time to lay this one out. It’s kind of like a R.I.P. for a relationship that’s come and gone… and if I’m being honest it was never a relationship it was just an intense connection between two people that ended up totally fucking me up for a little while. 1,205 more words