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The theme continues this week:Speak and you shall receive!

I wrote the other day about how a conversation with a guy that works in my neighborhood led to him leaving me some wonderful ointment for my achy knee. 410 more words


Jenny McCarthy, what an asshole.

So Jenny McCarthy’s been on my shit list for awhile now, but I guess I haven’t considered her relevant enough to bother with in the past. 605 more words

The View From The Top Rope: Replacing John Cena

A recent online report suggests that WWE is currently making decisions on how to replace John Cena once his in ring career winds down. The report came out after Cena missed a number of WWE shows to work on the upcoming film The Nest (starring Tina Faye and Amy Poehler of Saturday Night Live fame). 6,412 more words


Kanye West is just a blowfish who's in love with a dinosaur, and other revelations from Yeezy's GQ interview.

There are no other celebrities out there who even come close to loving the sound of their own voice as much as Ye does, I swear. 7,396 more words

First look at Amy Schumer and Judd Apatow's 'Trainwreck'

The first image from Judd Apatow’s latest directorial effort has been shared by the New York Times, in a profile on its writer and star, Amy Schumer. 111 more words


Here we go again: Lindsay gave an interview gearing up for her West End stage debut.

So by now, you’ve probably heard that some masochistic casting director put everything on the line and cast the elusive queen of sleeping until 5pm and skipping work, Miss Lindsay Lohan herself, in a new West End play called Speed-the-Plow. 966 more words