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Oxfordmoron. Vol. II.

If there’s one thing I hate more than Oxford, it’s Cambridge.

Just joking. I don’t hate Oxford.

I do, however, strongly dislike Cambridge. One bizarre side effect of being an Oxonian is a lifelong aversion deep in your heart to the -bridge part of Oxbridge. 523 more words


Yarn Bomb - Bungee Cords

Chugga…Chugga…Chugga…Chugga -PUFF PUFF !!

Let’s smoke Trainwreck ! This sativa hits hard, wakes up your head and tastes like unicorns. So let’s start today by grinding our little nugget buddies down and rolling them up in kiwi-strawberry paper. 422 more words


Is Zoolander.. I mean Sam Harris Strawmanning The CA? -- Yes He is.

Greg, a passerby, expresses bewilderment and requests an explanation:

If you believe that Sam Harris’s portrayal of the cosmological argument is a straw man, then I would be curious to hear your own interpretation of the argument.

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Lindsay's sober coach doesn't think she's sober, she can't afford her assistant Matt, and she did a photoshoot with Terry Richardson.

Even when Lindsay’s sober (… Maybe. Hopefully.) homegirl can still bring the chaos, and that’s why we love her, right? Let’s talk Lohan.

32 People Injured In Chicago Train Crash

An eight-car Chicago commuter train was the catalyst of thirty-two passenger injuries when it skipped a track and scaled an escalator. Aside from the expected post traumatic stress, none of the people on board sustained life-threatening injuries.



Film News I Care About: Barkhad Abdi to be in Judd Apatow's 'Trainwreck'?

Some cool information here – I’m always interested to know what Judd Apatow’s got going on, and the news that Barkhad Abdi is going to be in his next film is a little surprising, but cool. 108 more words


Casting Net: Tilda Swinton may join Judd Apatow project; Plus, John Travolta, more

Oscar-winner Tilda Swinton (Michael Clayton) is in talks to board Judd Apatow‘s Trainwreck. The details of the comedy are being kept under wraps, but it stars… 232 more words