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Where the shadow falls the deepest...

“I only went out for a walk and finally concluded to stay out till sundown, for going out, I found, I was really going in.  –  John Muir  (1838 – 1914) 177 more words


Miami Vibing

Hey Guys, As I sit in bed watching Revenge on this rainy day, I come to the sad conclusion that it is now fall. So to give a dedication to the end of summer I want to share my looks on my recent trip to Miami. 159 more words

Isiah Rashad - Tranquility

I’m willing to pray, I’m feeling the angels

The first time I attempted to listen to Isiah Rashad’s music I felt he was boring and unoriginal.

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truthful perceptions: principles...

LOVE: By what parlance has this word through the ages been used and abused, politicized & proselytized, resigned and reserved by those whose hearts were either sincere and contrite, or scandalous and ill willed. 229 more words



Please do not mistake my
shyness for disinterest;
I am silent because I am
observing and absorbing
all of who you are—

And musing, even hoping, 21 more words


Let your spirit soar with "Sea of Tranquility" slot!

Not long ago I found myself in a terrible state of autumn sadness. Do you know what I mean? All those pesimistic thoughts and a complete lack of energy. 290 more words


7 Keys to Peace

• Speak with Integrity; say only what you mean

• Accept Simplicity, never make things any more challenging than it really is

• Seek to improve on at least one thing in your personal life everyday without acknowledging the challenges that come with it… 95 more words