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Inner Peace (Day Twenty-One)

Bliss in tranquility
Peaceful gardens grow
Silent rightful vanity
Calming energetic snow
Heavy peaceful eyes
These noiseless wonders
Roses speak nigh
Kiss smothered thunder
Solidified prettied blood… 23 more words


Damaged People

Aren’t we all damaged in some way or another?  We all have baggage.  Not one of us can go through life completely unscathed.  Sometimes we do not know what to do with our pain: we hide it, we disguise it, we pretend it didn’t happen.   259 more words



I view the frost from my window
and recognize the season in my soul;
The winter has been long and difficult,
yet my heart wakes from its hibernation.



My bliss is when I can sit and just listen to the emptiness in the room. When I can sit and know when I close my eyes and open them it will still be pitch black. 182 more words



You have mistaken my restlessness for fickleness;
It’s not that I can’t settle, but rather that I won’t—
At least, not until I find something worth settling for.


Welcome to my world.

Welcome to my world jungle.

New painting. Acrylic on 3D canvas, 40*60*4cm. 2014. 14 more words