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Excitement and... Nervous Fear?

Yesterday I had the pleasure of finally getting the chance to hang out with a pretty awesome newish coworker of mine outside of work. She is, in summary, pretty great and my work friends and I have all been looking forward to hanging out and becoming friends with her. 894 more words

Seeing Myself In The Mirror.

Yesterday I saw myself in the mirror.

Not like I have every day before that of course. But I mean I actually saw myself.

It made me realize that I’m not that far off from where I want to be, and it’s really not that much further. 134 more words

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Switching To CAMAB

I’ve always been a girl, and now I remember that. sure it’s also a case of being mislead, and in the closet, and having all of society turn around and tell you NO!. 624 more words

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Visibility Day

Sorry to be making too many posts this week??

But I realized today (March 31st) is International Transgender Day of Visibility (I like Visibility Day better, but hey. 2,022 more words


My First Actual Bra!

I’ve bought a couple of sports bras, and a Cami bra. But of course I haven’t had an actual bra as of yet. It’s something I haven’t even taken into account really. 301 more words

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Something New

So I have been, whether I realized it or not, suffering from gender dysphoria since adolescence, so quite a while. I am fairly used to bouts of depression (soul-sucking though they may be) and self loathing. 456 more words

My Name Is Now My Name

I finally got the documents back from the court. I am now officially able to start using my real name instead of my given.

Sure, I didn’t change it all that much, but now I have the right name and I can go through life a little prouder of myself for it. 63 more words

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