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I'm not in grammar school, why the lesson in Pronouns?

On a recent cross-country trip, a dear friend and I had the pleasure of visiting several of the beautiful States.  Being good lesbians we decided to check out what the gay bar scene is like (note, I did not say lesbian bar scene- because we learned quickly that one does not exist) and what the LGBT center has to offer. 228 more words


Things I Dig: Dragon Age: Inquisition's Krem

I recently published an article about how Canadian game developer BioWare dealt with a contingent of gamers who were lobbying them not to include queer characters in their role-playing games.  91 more words

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The need for a Femme mentor

Over the last weeks or months I have really begun to feel it necessary to have a Femme mentor- an older Femme Lesbian who has been through it all and seen it all and can pass pertinent information.  1,011 more words

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Transgender Narrative: Why We Lie

© Zachary McCallum, originally published on Owldolatrous.com

Transgender people are in the media spotlight these days, and for the first time, it’s not as the butt of bigoted jokes. 2,232 more words



She said the cold doesn’t bother her.
Pink cheeks like lipstick streaks on..
coffee mugs.
Hugs the rush of winters lush like.
“Do you love me?” 174 more words

#NotYourShield #Trans #GamerGate supporters & the non-trans #GamerGate supporters that love them.

I’m writing this piece today to raise awareness of the trans supporters within the #GamerGate movement. I feel it’s important to note that there are MANY #GamerGate supporters that love and support our fellow supporters that are trans. 196 more words