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Celebrate Canada's first major legal education project specifically for trans people!

We are proud to provide these free resources for trans parents, community members, social service providers and legal professionals:


it's friday and there's no leave

summer break is a quiet and withdrawn time of the year for me. i keep to myself a lot.

but now semester has started again. since i’m teaching at university i spend two days of the week on a campus filled with people. 267 more words

Trans* Stuff

[Lyrics&Trans] LABOUM - Pit a Pat

Hangul by: Naver

English Translations by: Popgasa

Thai Translations by: Party.LABOUM

*do not edit and take out with full credit, please*


언제 날 찾아올까?  139 more words


Analysis of South Park's "The Cissy" on NerdCaliber.com

So a little while back I wrote an Editorial about the South Park Episode titled “The Cissy,” (sort of) dealing with the plight of transgender individuals…  It had the unfortunate timing of being topical during the week of New York Comic Con but my friends over at Nerd Caliber feel like the article still has legs so they still wanted to run it (Albeit a little late). 162 more words

Who doesn't want to be the victim?

In the past weeks I’ve hard a hard time keeping myself upbeat. Small problems would down trodden me and I let others comments hurt me. The weight of my transition is heavy and the struggle for my correct pronouns continues. 999 more words

The invisibility of trans men.

The problem I see when discussing the trans community are two big things: that most issues talk about trans women, and the increasing disappearance, and often increasing disapproval, of transsexuals. 489 more words