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Oct. 22, 2014: Transensitive

So we finished watching the first season of “Transparent.” Mara and I feel that the show is sensitive to the transgender community. It pretty accurately depicts what it’s like for many who transition after living as a male for — in the lead character’s case — 60 years. 186 more words


Out of Sight

If you’ve ever been to a historic spot or a well travelled tourist location you may notice that many of these structures have set up defenses against pests like pigeons and squirrels.  1,493 more words

Surprise Twist

For the first time in so long I started my day with a smile on my face. Though at the moment in time I was expecting to start it with a punch to the face. 279 more words



Am I that faulty,
broken tailpipes drag along highways.
Did I really become so crazy,
They usually fall off eventually.
I don’t know wether to stay or leave. 28 more words



What I miss about you the most is your ability to make me feel okay no matter what was happening.

Silence could be our language for hours… 32 more words

He or She isn't for everyone

Pronouns. Pronouns are things that we learned about in grade school and for most people, something they haven’t thought about since (unless we get into learning other languages but that brings up something else entirely). 571 more words


Elated and emotional - a prologue.

I mentioned last time that I was about to embark on something of an adventure in that I’d be spending a full four days as Ruth, which would hopefully offer some kind of insight into where I am in my trans* journey, and which direction I may need to take in order to be true to myself – or become my true self. 1,262 more words