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Coming Out (Wersja Polska)

Zrobiłam to dla rodziców żeby pomóc im zrozumieć…

I tak zaczęło się moje życie…

Od tamtego momentu wszyscy myśleli że wyrosnę na dużego, silnego mężczyznę… 1,963 more words


The Courier's New Bicycle by Kim Westwood

Salisbury Forth is a courier of contraband in the alleyways of inner Melbourne, a city of fuel rationing, rolling power outages and curfews.

It’s a stressful life, post-pandemic. 627 more words

Queering The Genre

Title IX and Trans* Students

In July, PQMonthly featured a story about how The Department of Education granted George Fox University a special “religious exemption,” which gave the university the right to deny trans* students on campus housing. 33 more words

Nightmare part deux

Brenda here. We are both worried and scared. My Lilith is amazing. This is so much more than she signed up for. I am a mess of nerves, confusion, and depression all rolled up into an anxious bundle. 105 more words

A Little About Me

I am female assigned at birth, 16, and I’m pansexual but I prefer girls. I’ve been dealing with a lot of gender issues lately, but they have been present since I was 14. 395 more words


Music -Megan

The way in which music is processed in the brain is different from other audiological stimuli (see Musicophilia by Oliver Sacks), perhaps that’s why we become so strongly connected to it–why it stirs up emotions, memories, why it’s strong enough to cause patients with Parkinson’s to be able to dance with nearly fluid motion. 370 more words


Good doctor news

Three months ago, I finally found a good doctor, but I was unsure if I’d be able to keep her.  I liked her style immediately – ability to communicate, upbeat and straightforward manner, etc.  572 more words