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I made an effort.

So I tried to find out how to give my blog a PG rating cuz I’m pretty sure I’ll be swearing once I feel at home. 34 more words

Sometimes Kids Surprise Their Parents.

Like when they say things like,

I’m gay


I’m trans


I’ve decided to go to college after all

But sometimes parent’s surprise kids just the same.

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And That, My Friend, is Called, Ka-lo-sure

I don’t think closure actually exists. I think we all just keep on living while pushing down this pain inside our lungs until it forms a solid state. 293 more words


No One Likes You When You're Twenty-Three

11:52 pm.

Because I can never sleep the night before my birthday.

This year I’m not making a big deal out of anything. With my first boyfriend, he always made it special and we’d go out drinking with people and I’d bash my head on tables and we’d all laugh at how adorable intoxicated me is. 720 more words


Metal Head Love of My Life

I’ll always compare everyone I date to you.

You were the first, after all.

The first for just about everything.

I still consider you the love of my life. 331 more words


Where Are All the Pansexuals?


Today at work, while trying to explain to this old man that the secondhand, wood-crafted, in very good condition dresser, was, in fact worth $29.99, but was not applicable to the 50% off sale, and that if he did choose to investigate my pricing, any of my managers would side with me not to change it because it just went out 30 minutes ago and I probably priced it a little too low to begin with anyways, a guy behind me caught my peripheral. 443 more words


This Was Going to Have a Different Title

But then I decided, It’s No Use, was just too downcast. And I don’t feel like being my own rain cloud right now.

To explain why, however … 458 more words