Discovering Your Purpose - Motivational Video

Here is an amazing video by many great athletes, entrepreneurs, philosophers, on Purpose.

What does it take for success to last?

This motivational video will pump you up to chase down the vision that you cast for yourself and to platform to more than just we are right now in the present. 17 more words

Work At Home

Transcendental Meditation amid a Torrent

It started in Houston, a small drizzle, preceded by a ridiculously bumpy landing.
From Houston, a layover of 45 minutes and a decent sandwich from an airport vendor, we boarded for New Orleans. 284 more words


Matryoshka Meditation or Can You Trip Like I do?

Drug free. Unless you count the ibuprofen I took last night for the ache in my shoulders. I’ve had mild insomnia lately. I just wake up at 3am then 5am then again before my alarm. 654 more words


Discovering the Truth

Have you ever met a Buddhist monk? They seem very centred and tranquil, don’t they? As if they harbour some inner secret, a whimsical smile perpetually on their lips and an air of kindness about them. 1,261 more words


How Transcendental Meditation changed my Writing Fears Into Confidence

He strode across the floor, his walk more of a glide than I’d anticipated, but there was confidence in it. He looked past the veil of flesh of my exterior, seeing only the soul within. 253 more words


Stanford University: BIO 387--Hacking Consciousness

BIO 387 Hacking Consciousness: Consciousness, Cognition, and the Brain

Listen to renowned physicists, nutritionists, neuroscientists, etc. as they investigate the nature of consciousness as a field of all possibilities.

69 more words

How Transcendental Meditation Helped Me Live in the Present Moment.

A soft flurry, like shredded tissue paper from God’s hands fell around me.

I watched the three of them play, one snowball, another.

Their laughter and smiles infectious as they struggled to stay upright on the damp grass. 438 more words