Jai Guru Dev. Thank You, Beloved Teacher.

“Today is celebrated as Guru Purnimah, Full Moon of the Guru. One honors one’s spiritual lineage.”

My meditation teacher, Paul Brown AKA Paul Edward Blackburn, posted this on Facebook today along with a story from one of his associates upon meeting his teacher, the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. 754 more words

You Can Do Anything, Remember That.

What happens to our lives when we stop believing we can do anything?

We see things falling through the cracks. Our lives stare at us from under blackened covers. 324 more words

How TM Allows You to Take Control of Your Life.

I’m four months on with TM and the main thing I’ve noticed is my ability to recognize myself.

Before TM I didn’t know who I was, what I wanted or whether I wanted anything, this includes to continue living. 359 more words

Liking the Creature in the Mirror.

Our lives, and our journey through our life finds us looking for where to turn, where to run and where we should be. This journey is oftentimes hard, but we go through it, our head in our hands, tears rolling down or a smile on our face, but it’s our decision which it is. 283 more words

Science and Spirit: Third Eye Blind: The Pineal Gland Part 3

There are boundaries with such ideas as sun-gazing, chanting and meditation, and caution is needed, because people are being instructed to take this all a step further, even in the church. 415 more words


Science and Spirit: Third Eye Blind: The Pineal Gland Part 2

Things are going on behind closed doors in the assembly that the congregation is totally unaware of. During moments of music worship, people are being taught to empty their minds. 611 more words


so simple, a child could do it

Last night, I sat on Donald and Maleia’s porch and sipped wine. Maleia  mentioned she had read my blog and was surprised to learn I meditated.  262 more words