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Hello World!

Hart & Hemlock

It’s the title of this collection of essays, ruminations, pondering, and speculations about the human condition in the 21st century.


noun  465 more words


Kant is actually pronounced like “cunt” but we can’t say that. Also, his philosophy is extremely obscure and difficult to understand.


transcendentalism 2.0 – the nature at my doorstep

Hooray! I’ve got a wonderful new excuse to get back to this blog.

One of the assignments in the environmental ethics course I’m taking is to conduct a personal “experiment” in some way connected with environmental conservation. 411 more words


I'm A Realist

I won’t tell you the whole long story regarding why I’m back in school for one semester, but I am back in school taking 3 upper level English courses and graduating in December (with like 170+ credit hours, you only need 124 to graduate, yea…long story). 310 more words


Why Transcendentalism is Totally Punk Rock

In the 16th- 18th century, “Punk” was a vulgar synonym for prostitute. It later came to mean a hustler, a gangster, or a hoodlum. This word became a label for a movement that has been trucking on for almost 50 years. 246 more words

Civil Disobedience

English 11R: "Self Reliance" and Conformity

As the Juniors read “Self Reliance,” they not only RHA’d what they agreed/disagreed with, but they have been exploring the difference between collaboration and conformity. 362 more words


"Universal Melody"

There was an era of recent in which I felt lost. This time may be articulated by sadness’ soliloquy of song, though I shalt not express this sentiment for long. 645 more words