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Kind Folk

I have mentioned before that I like to listen to music while falling asleep, and I find that albums put out by European label ECM often provide a soft musical pillow.  57 more words

Battle Fever J: Episode 50

Sixth ranger? Pff, who needs a sixth ranger when you have General Kurama Tetsuzan.

Episode 50

EDIT: Seriously, watch this episode. It’s probably the best episode of the series. 13 more words

Maroondah Council National Tree Day // 27 July

We helped out here today. Giving back to the community. I helped set up 3500 new plants along the Dandenong Creek instead of working the afternoon! 6 more words


Battle Fever J: Episode 49

Battle Fever goes to the kid-well way too often for my tastes.

Episode 49

Internet update: Right now I’m at a friend’s place for Productivity Night, using their internet to post tonight instead of in the morning. 57 more words

Back to Skewl

Greetings Dear Readers,

I have been and will be pretty scarce for a while. School is back in session and with it, as most graduate students can attest, also comes employment. 479 more words


What alters gene expression?

I’ve just come across some very interesting information. In genetics research they use certain substances which consistently increase or decrease gene expression. Gene expression means how actively a gene is doing its thing. 282 more words