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MnDRIVE takes on grand challenges

Through a landmark partnership between the University of Minnesota and the state, U researchers and industry partners are working to solve grand challenges across the globe. 302 more words


ATL articulation through the Core and Policies, Part 2

Part 2, ATL Articulation through the Core and Policies

Criterion B in all MYP subjects including the Projects and Interdisciplinary Units (IDU)  explicitly unpack within its strands a learning cycle or process. 1,242 more words


Treating brain disorders through wearable electronics

Researchers are integrating printed flexible electronics, like this one, into patches that can automate treatments for brain disorders like tinnitus.

More than 16 million people in the U.S. 771 more words


"Complexity as a Theory of Education"- Davis & Sumara


This introduction to Complexity-thinking as an appropriate model for education-thinking, begins by noting that ‘education’ and ‘curriculum’ are scarcely seen as stand-alone studies; rather, they are seen at best as aspects of other more recognized studies (eg. 1,328 more words

Q&A with MnDRIVE research leaders

MnDRIVE (Minnesota’s Discovery, Research and InnoVation Economy) is a landmark partnership between the University of Minnesota and the state that aligns areas of university strength with the state’s key and emerging industries to produce breakthrough research that addresses our state and society’s greatest challenges. 1,995 more words


Addressing grand challenges through transdisciplinary research

While the word “transdisciplinary” may not be familiar to many outside of academia, the concept has taken root in universities across the U.S. as a way to bring multiple stakeholders and areas of expertise together to address global challenges in areas such as health care, food systems, energy and the environment. 700 more words


Art and biology grow new perspectives on life

Many times, new ways of thinking and viewing our world stem not from deliberate planning, but from happy accidents, sparked from a chance meeting or an unexpected question. 910 more words