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Unchanging Heaven

(With apologies to Maya Angelou* and Jane Urquart**)

Karen McLaughlin

How unsettling to read Angelou then Urquart:

Angelou, blackness in the bone:

“…the rust upon the razor that threatens the throat. 276 more words

Transgender 101


I sat here wondering what had I gotten myself into.

“Speaking to someone ill as myself, I thought a rare disease would cause kinship & this person wouldn’t want to throw it away.” I thought to myself disjointed, like a puzzle that’s been shaken to bits. 985 more words


The grey zone of gender.

I’m a big advocate and supporter of LGBT. What really got me into reading about the gay and trans community is the grey zone of sexuality and gender. 546 more words


Transsexual TV Reporter Becomes Turkey's Face of LGBT Rights

Homosexuality is not a crime in Turkey, but homophobia is widespread and activists hope to make the country an example of respect towards the LGBT community. 57 more words

My opinion on gender identity

Let me preface what will undoubtedly be a fairly controversial opinion by saying that I believe everyone, regardless of sexual predilections (as long as they aren’t into rape or kids or whatever) deserves a baseline of respect and equal rights. 1,107 more words


My Experiences Gaming While Trans

Gamemoir contributor Savannah Winter details her experiences as a transwoman who spends an almost egregious amount of time playing video games.



Not sayin’ it’s the best part of being a woman, but when that spider showed up on the umbrella over the patio table….not just any old spider–I’m okay (mostly) with them–but this was one of those spiders who belongs safely behind glass in the part of the zoo where I never go anyway–no, I don’t have a picture because I wasn’t going to take time to find my camera, I just wanted him… 317 more words

Transgender 101