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I was sitting in the break room at work during lunch today, sharing a table with some of my coworkers in my training class. One woman asks another if she had seen the Facebook post of a mutual acquaintance of theirs. 223 more words

Journal Entry

Mi cámara caliente

Aquellos lectores que me conocen bien, saben que de vez en cuando me fascina hacer hot shows con la webcam en algunas páginas como  chaturbate o cam4. 578 more words


Re: PIV is always rape, ok?

As a MtF transgender, I personally can’t stop laughing at how pathetic feminism has become. This idiot is completely, without any discernible doubt, trivializing rape to the fullest extent. 930 more words


10 reasons why gay people shouldn't get married

01) Being gay is not natural. People always reject unnatural things like eyeglasses, polyester, and air conditioning.

02) Gay marriage will encourage people to be gay… 238 more words


an unwanted penis.

There is nothing in this world that should change the relationship a parent has with their child. No matter the age, no matter the circumstance. Nothing. 438 more words

Bad for business

So I encountered something the other day and again today that I found left a massive sour taste in my mouth and disdain sitting like a pit in my stomach. 995 more words

Socially Constructed Identity

Brazilian Transgender Model Lea T

Recently we have been set an essay in Sociology on identity. I have found the topic incredibly interesting through struggling with my own identity and overcoming a personality disorder and it has really opened my eyes to how diverse the world can be. 83 more words