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So so much has happened since the last time I posted on here … And I must say I’m tired.com im tired of struggling. I’m tired of getting my heart broke. 159 more words

When things change

all at once .. Things have changed… It’s like just yesterday I was set . I have been secure for the past ¬†5 years. Now so much has changed in less than a month … It’s actually… 86 more words


Jenna Talackova

Okay, the 2012 Miss Universe contest is yesterday’s news except to Jenna fans like me, but I just happened upon this video-clip where¬†Jenna tells her story to Barbara Walters in an exclusive interview and I thought I’d share it with my like-minded followers here on this site.

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Gender Dysphoria

I am the only transexual, Christian, melancholy I know. Actually I’m the only transgender person I know. I adore the idea of feminizing myself and becoming a girl but I deeply fear ostracizing remarks from those around me. 925 more words

Thoughts: Transgender, depression, anxiety and other things

Thought No. 1 – So for almost a year now I have been having many different thoughts about what it means to be transgender, if I’m transgender and other things. 325 more words

Autistic Spectrum Disorder

It's a man's world

As many of you will know, I’m the kind of transgendered person who is equally happy (or unhappy) in either gender binary, being fortunate not to suffer from… 871 more words


Transgender Day of Remembrance: Despite it All

The phone call came through late in the afternoon, just over a year ago. “Karen, one of our clients, has suddenly passed away. I don’t know if you knew her: Alison. 450 more words

Transgender 101