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Worse Yet

Just a heads up if you know me in real life and don’t want to know about this aspect of my life please don’t read. Just a warning!! 219 more words


Chingy Says Rumors Of Affair With Transexual Cost Him His Record Deal

(AllHipHop News) One scandalous rumor can apparently lead to the collapse of a music artist’s career. According to St Louis rapper Chingy that is exactly what happened to him. 369 more words


Chingy Reveals What Took Down His Career

Chingy explained how he simply took a friendly picture with Starr during a show that he and Ludacris were performing at in Chicago, and two years later she came out with the wild accusations that they were intimate with one another. 29 more words


Just a Quicky

Somehow Vlog 2 http://transvoyage.wordpress.com/2014/02/24/vlog-2/ was set to private.. I think I’ve fixed it now so you should be able to watch it.

The Hormonal Woman

Love On Trans Day of Remembrance

This is my thoughts on that day, November 20th 2013

My heart aches with mourning and also with honouring all the trans folks, two spirited folks, women, men, and gender fluid people who have trans experiences, who have passed. 107 more words

#OMG we made it to Portugal!

I cannot believe that my little #CockinaSock picture has travelled the world. So far I’ve gotten messages from the Philippines and now Portugal. I am truly and sincerely grateful for the spotlight being shined upon something that so often is left in the dark and that is that #TransWomyn are at risk of Testicular and Prostate cancer and yet we are so often left out of any educational materials.  26 more words

Exploring the LGBT Community on Tumblr

Tumblr is a weird, weird place. If you ask someone familiar with the service what characterizes the Tumblr community, you’ll most likely get one of a short list of stereotypes. 529 more words