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Todxs somos Andrea Carolina.

Ante el creciente auge que ha tenido el caso de la profesora de una secundaria en Jalisco, Andrea Carolina, que ganó un juicio para regresar como docente después de ser suspendida por ser… 42 more words

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What Queerness Means To Me

I remember playing pretend games with my brother when he was really little. For a happy ending to one epic struggle of good versus evil, he wanted all the dolls/“action figures” to “all get married together”—boys, girls, witches, dragons, demons, whatever, united in a big happy pansexual polygamous clusterfuck. 1,039 more words

Up And About My Days

Reading Challenge: LGBT

This follows on well from the Dive into Diversity challenge, and there will obviously be a lot of overlap between the two. Hosted by Niji Feels… 76 more words


A happy New Year starts with Sadness, but with Hope added.

I looked at my blog and was shocked at the time passed since my last entry. I have a back log of drafts I wanted to share with readers, however, I missed an important news event that unfortunately distils a lot of what I want to talk about, or have talked about here, however tangentially. 424 more words


Review: BBC Radio 1 - The Surgery with Aled and Dr Radha (14-Jan-2015)

As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, last night the weekly Surgery with Aled and Dr. Radha on BBC Radio 1 was on the subject of Gender Identity. 796 more words


The one about the beard

Before I was out, I sported a pretty big beard. Like, Duck Dynasty level beardage. It was an easy way of signalling “man” for a person who wasn’t, otherwise, all that good at being one. 523 more words


Now Taxpayers Are Subsidizing Sexual Fantasies

If a man walks in the bathroom and sees Napoleon starring back from the mirror as he brushes his teeth it might be a harmless idiosyncrasy. 255 more words