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Gender Neutral Pronouns

Thank you Vancouver for making a stride in the right direction. That is really cool of you.

Vancouver School Board has introduced gender neutral pronouns “xe”, “xem”, and “xyr”. 126 more words


Den and Labels Are For Cans Blog

Welcome fabulous people!

This is Den, co-runner of this blog. Running it with me is Jasper, a friend who happens to be my ex-girlfriend from a long-distance relationship. 198 more words


Marking Your Transition?

I was reading a forum post yesterday about how some girls mark their transition date with a tattoo or something.  I have considered getting one before but I found the perfect one, although I would get it enhanced a little with some eyes and lips or something, but its a Trans My Little Pony!  Would love to hear thoughts?

TG Friendly Stores

If a store is TG Friendly then why don’t they say they are? I wonder if it would increase their sales, it may in a small way and thats better than nothing. 42 more words

Through the Glass Doors

I took a call at Haven yesterday from a client who wanted to pick up some documents we had on file for her. Let’s call her Caroline. 415 more words

Transgender 101


Ok I want to ask the LGBT community including Asexual, Pansexual, ect. ( sorry I can’t remember if there are anymore). Is it possible to be asexual and pansexual? 64 more words