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My Meditation

Usually whenever we think of the word meditation, we begin to picture someone sitting cross legged with their eyes closed sitting silently inhaling and exhaling slowly. 117 more words


Leave behind
your skins of yesterday.
They no longer suit you.

Shed the spaces
keeping you confined.
Can’t you see you’re trapped?

Run fast from… 79 more words

Thought Of The Day

If There Isn't...

if there isn’t a meeting; of mind, of heart

there isn’t a chance for survival.

if there isn’t a moment; between mind, between heart

there isn’t a chance for survival. 19 more words

Creative Writing

Treasuring and Embracing Uncertainty

Traveling as

summer passes by &

fall sets in.

Coming home to face the reality of

  • loss and gain
  • relief and emptiness
  • tangible shifting

Winter blows in. 61 more words

Presence-Oriented Living

Justified by faith

21 And everyone who calls
    on the name of the Lord will be saved.   Acts 2:21

We are saved by simply placing our faith and trust in Jesus Christ.  338 more words

In Full Bloom

My love runs deeper than any ocean.

It fills galaxies and travels between universes.

It swirls on the void; that roiling, black energy.

Elegant masses; amalgamations of gasses. 52 more words