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The D Word


I don’t think there is a single soul in the world that doesn’t scream a little inside at the D word. So you’ve come to the point where you know you want to make a difference, make some changes, and improvements. 669 more words


The Soul Loves the Truth

Truth . . . What does it mean to speak my truth? How do I step, completely and intentionally, into the space of an authentic life? 818 more words

Bits And Pieces

Relationship with Reality and Suffering

Suffering used to be a familiar state of mind  for me, and over the years I have been working on finding new ways to suffer less while still being present in a situation or with a feeling even if it is not pleasant.  1,153 more words


Words of Wisdom

Another post is on its way, soon, but in the mean time, I offer you some words of wisdom by Cynthia Occelli that I stumbled across, courtesy of Mystic Medusa:


The Transfiguration

Changed into His Likeness

Exodus 34:29-35; Psalm 99 or 99:5-9; 2 Peter 1:13-21; Luke 9:28-36

In today’s Gospel reading we read, once again, about the time that Jesus manifested His glory on the earth: 610 more words


complete transformation

The business consultants recommended a complete transformation. But the only thing the company changed was hands.


No judgement


One interesting thing I have noticed about my own personal changes is how others seem to be noticing or watching there own behaviours.  I am aware of this and in part think it is sad and a little funny.  520 more words