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'Days of Future Past' #7

Once upon a time, in the 1990s I was an eager youngster and who was easily disappointed. A person into sports and an active lifestyle was what I thrived on. 334 more words

Free Choice

Maketoys Sonic Drill! (Technobot Nosecone)

A Transformer! Yes! Wait, no, kinda…we have a third party entry today! From the Quantron box set, Sonic Drill! Otherwise known as from the Maketoys interpretation of Computron, Nosecone! 540 more words


Merch Alert: G1 Shirt Sightings

Three of the four shirts below were sighted at Walmart stores in GA and TN the week of October 19th, 2014. The first three shirts are available in Ladies sizes only (the first two at Walmart and the third at Target), and the Megatron/Optimus Prime T-shirt is only in Boys’ sizes at Walmart.



This is an amazing video collaboration by born again Christian youtube users The Vigilant Christian and WhiteRabbit. This video is a comprehensive research study of the Michael Bay Transformer films that subliminally show occult and satanic themes. 94 more words


How Hasbro Wants to Take the Financial Reins of its Movies Starting with 'My Little Pony'

After spending the past seven years launching film franchises based on its toys and games like Transformers and G.I. Joe, and setting up other movies like “Monopoly,” “Candy Land” and “Risk,” Hasbro Studios is poised to take the next logical step: financing its own features. 712 more words


Toy Poster Design- Transformers

During this photoshop, my task was to create a poster for promoting the toy brand ‘Transformers’. I had to use he polygonal lasso tool, and also the pen tool which allowed me to careful draw a ‘path’ where i was able to successfully and accurately copy the image from the individual image and then paste it onto a blank white canvas image. 18 more words

Trademarks in Disguise

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