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I Know What You're Doing, China, and It's Not Going to Work

Per my previous post about how much I really adore getting free crap in the mail (even if the sender expects me to go to the trouble of telling all of you about it), a strange phenomenon has occurred: other people have jumped on the “send Lorca free crap” bandwagon. 469 more words

Overly Simple Thoughts

Weird Transformer Collectables - Optimus Prime Age of Extinction Cookie Tin

Age of Extinction produced an innumerable number of new toy products to the Transformers franchise and the odd one or two stranger items that I’ve been adding to my ever growing collection. 281 more words


To all the Hot Rod/Rodimus haters......

There is one thing I HATE hearing (reading) when people talk about Transformers The Movie (1986), and that is “that it ruined my childhood”. The main reason these idio…dum…cry…(don’t be insulting)…..people say this, is all because of Optimus Prime’s death. 459 more words

Flexible Current Transformers Mitigate the Effects of Power Surges

The first step in mitigating power surges is to recognize that they are sometimes inevitable and thereby spell the need to install a flexible current transformer. 98 more words