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Supporting Transition: Be Who you are on the Inside and Out

By Ari Kleinman

Imagine growing up feeling like your outsides don’t match your insides, that your body isn’t yours. Imagine that in order to support yourself and live your life, you have to pretend to be someone else. 1,307 more words

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Department of Justice Trains Policemen on How to Deal With Transgendered People

The Justice Department launched a program Thursday to train local police departments to better respond to transgender individuals, a population authorities say is disproportionately harmed by violence.


Passing.... Not that important.

I’m sick of seeing F2M blogs with passing tips/suggestion. I have been out as Transgender for 8 years and it’s takin me some of those years to realize that the idea of passing is crap and not the only thing transgender people care about. 229 more words


Grantland "Outs" Inventor of Magical Putter

Grantland writer, Caleb Hannan, under heavy fire after his profile on Essay Anne Vanderbilt reached readers across the United States.


Hannan began research on Dr. 438 more words