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UCLA to Designate Gender Inclusive Restrooms on Campus

20 single-stall restrooms on UCLA’s campus will now be designated as gender inclusive, the university recently announced. LGBT student activists on campus hailed the decision which they said was three years in the making. 354 more words

Social Issues

New Book gives Transmen’s view on Manhood

What does it really mean to be a man? Mainstream society usually has a that answer, and it’s often from the heterosexual side of the spectrum. 453 more words

Transgender Health

Dabbling in Feature Writing…Or, How I Learned to Cover Controversy

I threw out the idea to cover the story, but I assumed someone else would volunteer to do the very reporting-intensive deed. 

But 9 months, three major drafts, and a few too many editing Sharpies later, I earned a byline on an LGBTQ, politically-minded feature piece. 492 more words

Samantha Smith

Getting hold of Transsexual Hormone Replacement Therapy

Transsexual hormone replacement therapy helps those who feel they were born in the wrong body transition to what they feel is their proper sex. Many transgender feel discrimination for not having an easily distinguished gender. 422 more words

Sexual Health

Federal Health Plans now Cover Sexual Reassignment Surgery

One of the most important healthcare issues in the transgender population is sexual reassignment; this is when the person believes he or she was assigned the wrong gender at birth, or their internal gender doesn’t match their external one. 365 more words