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A very mixed weekend

FINALLY I got the opportunity of getting out and about again as Andrea… although the weekend turned out to be rather mixed.

Saturday was really good. 817 more words

In a different place

When I take the time to think back, I am startled into the realization that a mere eighteen months ago I was in a very different place. 549 more words


Diary entry #25 - Back to college

Today my second year of college started. This means new classes, new subjects, basically new everything (except the building of course). I’ll try not to bore you by telling what classes i had today (maybe a little bit), because this blog is about me being transgender and related subjects after all ;) . 947 more words


Gender Musings and Updates

I don’t know about you, but I get inspired at church sometimes. I get inspired to do more. I get inspired to listen more. Sometimes I get inspired to be more understanding. 476 more words


Catatan agustus 2014.
Yang paling menarik dan menyenangkan adalah di tanggal 18, 19 dan 20 agustus kemarin. Saya dapat kesempatan untuk berkenalan dengan beberapa teman-teman dari SWARA, bukan suara wakil rakyat, tapi Sanggar Waria Remaja.

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Party, vacation, and TERFs

My partner and I made it through this party I’d been half-dreading, a party to celebrate our prior unification ritual.  It was a lot of things, but largely, it felt validating and joyous, in a chaotic sort of way.  1,024 more words


Forget about "Thor a Woman?!" The Focus should really be on UNWORTHY THOR!


Fans of Marvel’s “Thor” (and perhaps even the casual observer) may have been apprised of the changes coming to one of marvel’s most iconic heroes. The comic book fandom element of the internet has been all a buzz over the changes foist upon Asgard’s favorite son by writer, Jason Aaron. 679 more words