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First Employers' Seminar on Trangender Equality and Diversity

Leading Irish companies met today for the first time to discuss how they can support transgender employees in their workplaces.

The seminar ‘Creating Transgender Inclusive Workplaces’ was jointly organised by GLEN Diversity Champions programme and Transgender Equality Network Ireland (TENI). 338 more words


Males Classmates Support Transgender Student!

A transgender student in Brazil was fined for wearing a skirt to school and her male classmates respond with an EPIC act of support!

Read about it: 13 more words

Top Surgery: pt. 1

Grad school is hard. Thinking that I would write regularly was such a joke.

Quick update: I’m working now at that awesome job that I landed after over a month of interviewing at and also not completely failing at grad school. 439 more words


Coming out:Advantages, drawbacks, and what it all means.

People as a rule like to pretend that everyone is straight. Men chase women, women chase men, natural circle of life and love….right? WRONG. As a whole, yes, mose people prefer the opposite sex, and there is nothing wrong with that. 429 more words

New levels of open

This piece was read at the Erotic Literary Salon on September 16, 2014.

New levels of open
September 16, 2014

¬†Backstory: In April of last year I came out… 653 more words


The Queer Christian Liberation

Apparently I can be queer OR I can go to church, synagogue, or mosque and be religious… but not both. That is what I’m getting from so many people in the queer community. 913 more words

411: rhymes

I know this is the kind of quality humor you come to this site for. I only just realized I could have drawn myself with a frying pan instead of bread and the rhyme would have worked. 29 more words