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When the Dust Starts to Settle

TRIGGER WARNING: hopelessness around being trans (and hopefulness too), trying to make yourself be a gender you aren’t

I’m baaack! Last week I left my phone charger in another state, so I didn’t have a computer on me. 685 more words


TCM for Gender Variant Folks

Yesterday was my second session with the new gender therapist. It took me back to my post-graduate study in counseling (no longer practicing) and reminded me just how important ‘relationship’ is – above all else, really. 607 more words


Week 16: The Buffalo Wild Wings Server Called Me Sir

I’ll take some Honey BBQ wings and some gender validation.

It’s not as if I’ve never before been called sir, or that strangers haven’t before ever taken me for a man. 424 more words

Selecting A Gender On Forms

I saw this NY Times (http://www.nytimes.com/roomfordebate/2014/10/19/is-checking-the-sex-box-necessary) story pop up in my feed and felt it was somewhat of an interesting tie-in to my previous blog entry Trans Appearance Conflicting With ID ( 766 more words


Deconstruction reconstruction

Life is profoundly interesting regardless of your situation in life.  It is important to take the strengths of who you are wherever you go.  Self-loathing is an awful thing, and it must be crushed by something which can exert more force.  1,452 more words